Residents Tribute to Mayor Thomas J. Tweedy


Resident John Lockwood, said the following:

‘Mr. Mayor and our distinguished Board:  Your sixteen years of dedication to our Village is much appreciated!  I am grateful to Anne and James Tweedy, your parents, who gave       you your faith in God and your values which instilled in you a strong desire for community service.  They also gave us a gift – you!  I also thank Mary Ann, Caity and Michael for their support of you.  I would thank the rest of your family, but we have to get of here by midnight!

In uncharted waters, you have been our faithful navigator, especially in storm emergencies and also with those external forces who would poison our Village’s quality of life.  For us, you stood up to these forces, challenged them and were victorious for all our Villagers!

Research through our Floral Park Historical Society, I discovered a motto used by our Village’s founder, John Lewis Childs (our first Village President).  It states:  Esse non videri, which is a Latin phrase meaning “To be, not to seem”, truly being something, rather than merely seeming to be something.   My deepest bow of appreciation for all that you and the Board have accomplished!  Our Village has truly blossomed under your leadership.  Tom, thank you my friend and God speed!!!’


John Breheny, said the following:

Mr. Breheny said that he and Mayor Tweedy have worked a long time together through the Library Board and he wanted to thank the Mayor for his fairness towards the Library.

Mr. Breheny said the Library is moving along with the Mayor’s help and guidance and that he looks forward to working with the next Mayor.  Mr. Breheny said the lines of communication have improved because of the Mayor’s leadership and he would like the Mayor to come to a Library Board meeting soon so that the Board may collectively thank him.


Christy Reisig, said the following:

Ms. Reisig said she would like to compare the Mayor to three animals:  First, he is a lion.  You do not give up, you are hard working and dedicated.  You are a pit-bull.  You get a hold of something and you don’t let go.  You are like a kitty cat in that you have a kind heart.  On behalf of my family and friends, it has been a real pleasure to work closely with you.  It is not goodbye, but a continuation of a partnership.


Kevin Flood, made the following speech:

‘I would first like to congratulate our newly elected Trustee Frank Chiara, our re-elected   Trustee Dr. Lynn Pombonyo and our new Mayor, Dominick Longobardi.  Combined with  Kevin Fitzgerald and Archie Cheng and all of the Village Administration, I am confident our Village is in good hands.  I look forward to seeing what you accomplish together.

But with this new Village Board comes the departure of our 16-year veteran Trustee and Mayor Tom Tweedy.

Several years back, I had some concerns and had placed a call to Village Hall with my question/comment expecting a call back by a Village staff member or an assistant.  But one evening, my phone rang and when I picked up, I heard “Hi Kevin, this is Tom Tweedy, your Mayor”.  I was stunned the Mayor called me directly, and a bit nervous as well.  He spent nearly a half hour on the phone with me to discuss the issues and answer any questions I had.  He assured me and gave me security that he and the Board were aware of the issue and were addressing it aggressively.             I immediately knew that this man would always protect the Village of Floral Park and its residents.  And my   ever-growing respect for Mayor Tweedy began to root.

You have given me the opportunity to help serve this Village in ways I never expected. You, along with all the Board members, have taught me so much, and I thank you for that.

What you have accomplished in your 16 years of service to the Village is incredible.  Our new pool and Recreation Center, the continued beautification of Centennial Gardens and     other Village parks, street and road improvements, preservation of our trees, addressing drainage issues that have plagued us for decades, leading the fight and defeating the proposed casino at Belmont, and spearheading a multi-village fight against the proposed third track project.  This is just to name a few.  I have driven by Village Hall many nights to still see the light on in the corner office of the second floor.  I knew you were up there working, not for yourself, but for us.  You have worked tirelessly for our Village and I personally can’t thank you enough for all you have done.

Someone once asked me why there are no elected officials on the county/state level from Floral Park, considering how engaged we are as a community.  My answer was simple.  All the talent remains in Floral Park because that is where we call home.  Floral Park is a special place, second to none, and it is because of public servants like you that it has been that way for many generations.  I know you will continue to be engaged in our community and always have its best interest at heart.

I look forward to seeing you around town, up on Tulip, walking the dog in the West End, perhaps no longer as Tom Tweedy, my Mayor, but as Tom Tweedy my friend.’