The Deputy Assessor prepares an assessment roll which is used to establish each property owner’s fair share of village taxes.  This is done by maintaining records of property ownership, tax exemptions, property values and physical inventory changes.  Residents are encouraged to make inquiries regarding special tax exemptions that the Inc. Village of Floral Park has made available to senior citizens, veterans, Village volunteer firefighters and the physically challenged.  The Floral Park assessment roll is independent and separate from the Nassau County roll and their assessment methods.

Alternative Veterans Exemption Application and Instructions

RP-458-A instructions

RP-458-A Application

Renewal Application for Alternative Veterans Exemption with Disability

RP-458-A-Dis Application

Cold War Veterans Application and Instructions

RP-458-B Instructions
RP-458-B Application

Alternative Veteran and Cold War Veteran Exemption Application and Instructions for Coop Owners

Alt Veteran & Cold War Veteran Exemption Coop Owner Instructions

Certification By Coop Board Application

Volunteer Fire Department Member Exemption Application and Instructions

Volunteer FD Exemption Instructions

Volunteer FD Member Exemption Application




2016/2017 Tax Roll

2017-18 Final Assesment Roll