Third Track Expasion Project Update

The LIRR has released the Final Scoping Document for the Third Track Expansion Project.

The Final Scoping Document includes:

  • A description of the Proposed Project, including Purpose and Need
  • A preliminary identification of the Proposed Project’s potential significant adverse impacts to be
    studied and assessed in the Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
  • The methodology to be used and the data to be reviewed in assessing potential impacts in the
  • Alternatives to be considered
  • Potential mitigation measures to be considered
  • A summary of prominent issues raised during the public scoping process

Final Scoping Document (over 130 pages) – Hard copy available at the Library

In addition, below is a link to the raw public comments from the scoping sessions and a link to a map which shows the recently surveyed LIRR Right-of-Way (ROW).

Scoping Comments

ROW Map – Hard copy available at the Library