Fall 2019 update of Airplane Traffic from Andrew Weiss, Noise Abatement Officer & Aircraft Noise Complaint Contact Information

A Message from Andrew Weiss, Noise Abatement Officer  . . . October 8, 2019

The Port Authority reports that the construction of runways 13/31 is proceeding on schedule and should be finished in November.  Village residents should notice a reduction in the frequency of flights because the high-traffic summer season is finished.  Hopefully airplane noise will be reduced further once the construction is complete and the air traffic can be properly rerouted to all runways.

One of the reasons why there are so many flights over the Village is that airplanes are designed to land into the wind.  The winds in our area normally blow southeast to northwest.  Therefore, to land into the wind, the plane must arrive on a southwesterly direction or, in other words, over Floral Park.  We have contacted Rep. Kathleen Rice’s office about working together to research wind data and whether there are times that the winds would have allowed a plane to land on a different runway but it flew over our Village anyway.  Once we have this information, we will be in a better position to speak with the FAA about arrival routing and if there is any room for diverting at least a few planes off of the arrival path that goes over our Village.

We have been speaking with the FAA about the idea of having the planes arrive on a constant downward slope instead of the current “step approach” whereby they drop down, thrust along a plateau, and then drop again.  The “glideslope” approach eliminates the engine noise from the thrusting across the plateau.  The FAA looked at this and they are considering using the glideslope method for night arrivals but not during the day.  Their explanation is that the step approach allows the planes to be stacked in the sky, thereby allowing more planes into a confined airspace.  The glideslope approach is feasible at night because there are fewer planes at night, but the FAA needs the ability to stack for the busier daytime hours.  Hopefully, the FAA will begin using the glideslope method at night which should bring some relief during our sleeping hours.

Andrew Weiss
Noise Abatement Officer
[email protected]


At a meeting of the Town Village Aircraft Safety Noise Abatement Committee held in the Village of Floral Park last Fall, TVASNAC members stressed the importance of reporting when residents believe air traffic has reached excessive levels in their community. Below are the numbers to report aircraft noise complaints by phone and by internet. The Port Authority tracks and monitors the calls that come in by area.

Airplane Noise Complaints:
Phone: 800-225-1071
Internet: Email Port Authority of NY/NJ [email protected] or click the following link for complaint form  https://www.planenoise.com/panynj/daPRAbr9/qs114wbt.php

Helicopter Noise Complaints:
Phone: 800-319-7410
(Provide date & time, if possible color and any numbers visible on the helicopter)