Library Front Entrance Ramp and Partial Roof Replacement Project

Progress continues on construction for an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant ramp at the main entrance of the Library. During construction the front entrance of the Library will be closed to the public. Please use the rear entrance in the parking lot to enter. The book drop will be relocated to the rear entrance as well.

Also the partial roof replacement project at the Library will begin Monday, January 9th and be completed within 2 weeks, weather dependent. The Library will remain open during this project.  No changes will be made to the access to the Library which will remain at the rear door until the front entrance project is completed. The work will involve the removal and replacement of the existing worn flat roof towards the rear of the building and include increased insulation thickness to conserve energy and provide utility cost savings. There is a minor amount of non-friable asbestos that will be abated as part of the project which will take approximately one day to complete. Trace amounts were found in the roof flashing and will be removed in accordance with all rules and regulations.