UPDATE: 10/4/19 Third Track Work on Plainfield Avenue Postponed to Tuesday October 15th

The Third Track Project Contractors, 3TC, are finalizing plans to begin work in preparation for the eventual replacement of the Plainfield Avenue bridge. They have postponed their prior tentative start date, and they now anticipate beginning this preparation work on Tuesday, October 15th, provided they receive all necessary approvals. This preparation work includes: the placement of temporary signs on Plainfield Avenue to notify motorists and pedestrians; and the replacement of the cement abutments on the existing bridge at Plainfield Avenue and Terrace Avenue. No complete road closures during this preparation work are planned. However, sidewalk closures will alternate between the east and west side of Plainfield Avenue and Terrace Avenue under the trestle. Crossing guards and flaggers will be posted to ensure pedestrian safety while work is in progress. This work is subject to scheduling changes. Work is expected to last 3-4 months with the final “push in” of the new bridge span across Plainfield Avenue on a weekend to be announced.