Mayor’s Message 6/20/20-Pool Opening July 3rd.

Dear Floral Park Residents and Pool Members,

As we celebrate the gradual reopening of our businesses, we now turn to recreation and our Village Park and Pool.

We are happy to announce that the Village Park and Tiny Town Playground opened during the past week with the exception of basketball. And now, we are looking forward to the Friday, July 3rd opening of our pool. This is also the projected date of the opening of a number of our Nassau County pools, pending direction from our Governor.

First, our top priority is that as many of our pool members as possible have optimal opportunities to swim and use our pool facility, and we want you all to start to swim as soon as it is safe and permissible. You are well aware of this year’s challenges as there have been many major changes in our daily lives and favorite leisure activities in recent months. Now, we will be opening the pool with many changes at the start. Most of these changes relate to our total maximum occupancy of approximately 1000 persons, to which we are all comfortably accustomed.  Our approximate 1000 person pool area capacity must now be reduced to the 50% level or 500persons/members to satisfy social distancing requirements. The impact is that only half of our traditional pool-goers will be permitted to use our pool facility at one time. We are doing our best to accomplish this in ways that, while not always convenient, will allow each of you and your family to have as much time as possible to use the pool while we accommodate as many members as possible. Here is our current plan:

1. Pool Occupancy & Scheduling
To accommodate the almost 1000 daily members who visited the pool in 2019, we will need to begin our season with two sessions of swimming each day, admitting a maximum of 500 members for each session. This will allow for the required social distancing on the pool deck and in the water. All must wear masks as they enter the pool building, and within the pool facility where social distancing may not be occurring. Masks are not required in the pool.

We are proposing to start the season with a First Session Swim (9:00am to 2:30pm) and a Second Session Swim (3:30pm to 9pm) daily. Members and families will be asked to reserve their preferred sessions. At this time, no one will be permitted to attend both swim sessions on a single day, and all at every session will be expected to leave the pool facility before or at the time their respective session ends.

You will be using a ReCPro online scheduling program to reserve your or your family’s swim sessions. For those who cannot use the ReCPro tech program, phone assistance will be available. Your ReCPro reservation and phone instructions will be posted on the website and on the Village and pool facebook pages.

Important note: As we start the season, depending on the size of our membership, it is possible that members and families may be limited in the number of sessions that they are able to attend in a week. We will make every effort to offer our members more sessions when we find there are openings or additional capacity.

2. Pool Furniture
In-depth cleaning and sanitizing our pool furniture between guests will be necessary this year. This will take an extraordinary amount of time and staffing, especially between the two proposed sessions, and will reduce the time when the pool can be open for swimming. Because this level of cleaning will not be practical, we are asking our members and families to bring your own pool furniture and blankets or towels for seating. Again, we hope that this will be temporary until we can establish what our actual daily attendance will be and when the more stringent cleaning/sanitizing requirements can be safely modified.

3. Cleaning and Sanitizing 
Our pool area, common touch areas and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly and frequently, as per Nassau County Dept. of Health guidelines. Ongoing attention will be paid to the cleanliness of the bathrooms.

4. Pool Membership
At this time, you must be a Village of Floral Park resident, a prior non-resident pool member, or a family caretaker to register. We will not be able to accommodate new non-resident members or guests until we can ensure that all our members will have access to the pool.

5. Special Programs
It is our hope that we can quickly phase in our very popular summer camps, exercise classes, swimming instruction, special entertainment, and other activities as the season gets under way.

6. Food & Refreshments
John Parks and D&J Refreshments will be returning to our pool concession stand with their delicious foods, snacks and nonalcoholic beverages.

7. Fees
Because there may be more limited opportunities to use the pool facility this year due to the occupancy restrictions, we will be reducing the registration fees by 30% per membership. See the 2020 fee schedule on the link below.

8. Registration 
In order for us to ensure that our two-session plan will accommodate all who are interested in membership, we are asking that you register now through Thursday, June 25th.  Please see the registration link at the bottom of this page and submit your payment (check payable to: Inc. Village of Floral Park Pool) or credit card information when you register. Check the Village website (  Departments/Pool links) or Floral Park Pool facebook page for more details.

Questions? Please call 516-326-6336. We ask for your understanding as our phone lines may be busy due to increased questions about registration procedures and the pool schedule.

Your patience is appreciated as these plans may be subject to change as we move forward based on our experience at the pool and changes in the guidance that we receive from New York State and Nassau County. We join you in looking forward to getting together again for an exciting summer season of sunshine and swimming at our Floral Park pool.