Mayor’s Message-Belmont Park Arena Update November 24, 2021

Dear Fellow Residents,
Over the past weekend, a number of issues arose with regards to the opening of the arena at Belmont Park.   A number of these issues, especially in and around the North (now called Emerald) Lot, that we sadly and accurately predicted would occur, have occurred.  We continue to speak with our state elected representatives, State agencies and others on a daily basis to work on rectifying most of these issues. We have proposed several steps that can be taken that we believe are reasonable solutions that can and should be quickly implemented.
One area where we can all assist with is as follows.  Any pre-existing gates in the Village to Belmont Park will be locked (and will remain locked permanently). This past weekend we witnessed people climbing fences at certain locations to gain access to and from Belmont Park. I am requesting that residents do not use this as a means of ingress and/or egress to the arena. This is not only an unsafe practice, but is an illegal trespass on State or individual property subject to arrest and/or fines. We have been advised by the Empire State Development Corporation that security staffing inside Belmont Park will be doubled in the North Lot and will now include peace officers who are authorized and directed to arrest individuals illegally accessing Belmont Park or engaging in any other prohibited activity within Belmont Park.
The best way for residents to attend events if they do not want to drive is the Long Island Rail Road.   The fare is $3.25 each way (please make sure you choose Elmont or Belmont as the destination when you buy a ticket). 
I understand that taking the LIRR is slightly more inconvenient than using a gate from within the Village, but it is VITALLY important for our neighbors who live in the West End.   We all need to do our part to keep Floral Park the way we have all become accustomed to and it is critical that we ensure that the border with the parking lot is secure.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.