As we look forward to the beginning of a wonderful future for this great Village under Mayor Kevin Fitzgerald and his Board, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to each of you for allowing me the privilege of serving as your Trustee and Mayor. Floral Park is a family community and, more importantly, it is a family itself.

As with any family, we celebrate our good times and come together to support each other when times bring us challenges. During my tenure, I had the good fortune of having so many wonderful and dedicated people to help make this Village as great as it is.  

To all of the members of the Village’s volunteer committees, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to provide the leadership, guidance and planning for our community. 

To our “Greatest” volunteers, the men and women of our all-volunteer Fire and Rescue Companies, your love and dedication to the residents and business owners of our community go above and beyond. You literally risk everything for the safety and security of others.  Please know that you are truly appreciated and have our admiration.

The Village is blessed with the most caring and concerned staff. All of our departments are filled with individuals who place the needs our residents and business owners first. 

To the staff at our Recreation and Pool Department,  thank you for providing year-round programs and fun for every age group and for always coming up with new and innovative ideas and programs.

To our wonderful Library staff, thank you for your constant dedication to the cultural and educational well- being of all of our residents. Your efforts provide that passion that makes Floral Park even better every day.

To the staff at the Building Department, thank you as your work and efforts not only make our homes and businesses as safe as possible but also provide the guidance to maintain and ensure the character of this great Village. 

To all of the members of our Public Works teams, thank you for literally being and maintaining the nuts and bolts of our community. You work to maintain and improve Village assets and facilities from roads, to trees, to streetlights, to pocket parks, to Village buildings and providing services such as garbage and recycling collection, street sweeping, and plantings keep our Village as one of the most beautiful places in our great country.

To our awesome Police Force and staff, thank you for protecting this community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your dedication, training, intuition, care and concern for all of our residents and business owners are second to none and you truly are the Best Police Department across the lands of this great nation.

To our staff at the Court Office, led by the Honorable Village Justice Doug Hayden; thank you for administering fair and honest justice to those who came before you.

To the staff at Village Hall, thank you for all of your work and efforts regarding any and all issues of many varieties. Your kindness and care to each and every resident who came through the door or contacted us with a question or for help are models for every other government in our land.   

To all of our Department Heads, thank you for putting our Village first and providing all that is needed to give exemplary services to our residents and businesses.  Each of you brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to what you do every day and your care, concern, ingenuity, diligence and penchant for making Floral Park better shine above all.

To our Village Clerk, Susan Walsh, thank you for all that you do each and every day to ensure that our Village runs well and that our residents and business owners come first. Your efforts to make sure that no issue is overlooked and that all that is done will be done so in ways that will protect our Village should be commended. You truly care about each and everyone around you and work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is looked after leaving nothing to chance. Thank you for being a great example to any and all who serve others.

To our Village Attorney, John Ryan, thank you for all of your work and efforts for our Village. Your guidance and vigilance in protecting and improving everything Floral Park have, are and will be is an example of what every Village Attorney should be. It is true when they say you are an Attorney’s attorney.

To our Village Administrator, Gerry Bambrick, thank you for everything and anything!!!!  I can say with 100% certainty, there is no harder working Village Administrator anywhere in the country. You live and breathe Floral Park. Your dedication to this Village goes above and beyond in making certain that all aspects of the services provided by the Village are the best they can be. Your countless hours working on behalf of our residents and business owners are to be commended and imitated by anyone in government.

To Kevin, Lynn, Archie and Frank, our Village is truly blessed and lucky to have you at the helm. More importantly, I was blessed to be part of this very special team who never wavered in anything to provide the best of everything for our residents and businesses. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me and being together every step of the way. It is without reservation that I can say that the future of our Village is in the hands of the most dedicated, selfless, caring individuals I have ever met in all my years of government. Collectively and individually, your love of our community, the people who live in it and those who work here and those who just stop by once in a while goes above and beyond each and every day. I was so honored to be part of this special group and I could never have done this without your friendship and support.

To Denise, Nick, Krista and my entire family, thank you for giving me the ability to be part of something I have always wanted to do. Thank you for your sacrifices, support and understanding on many and numerous occasions both big and small. My love for you can never be expressed enough and I sincerely hope that I made you proud in everything we did. You were, are and will always be my inspiration and the reason I do anything in life.

To the residents and business owners of Floral Park, thank you for allowing me to be your Mayor for these past four years. Thank you for your faith and trust in me and my fellow Board members. It is and was an honor and a privilege to serve this awesome community!!  We say Floral Park is a “Great Place to Live, Work and Raise a Family!” It is only because of you, its residents and business owners and your efforts, love and care for each other that make it that way! Let’s continue this path and keep remembering that Floral Park isn’t just a family community, it is a family itself!!

Wishing you All Many Years of Good Fortune and a Great Future in the Beloved Home We Call Floral Park!!!