Mayor’s Message Regarding Coronavirus-Updated March 24, 2020

CDC Frequently Asked Questions

Workplace, School & Home Guidance

I hope this message finds you and your families well and safe.

Needless to say, our daily lives have changed drastically over these past few weeks as a result of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”).

As you are aware, we are dealing with an unprecedented health emergency that has taken control over the daily lives of every person in the world.

Here, in our own community of Floral Park, most of us are home, complying with social distancing mandates that are established to help stem the spread of the Coronavirus. The current normalcy has many of you working in makeshift home offices at your kitchen tables, closets, basements and wash rooms. Our children are receiving school lessons at home and our religious services are broadcast via streaming media. Thankfully, modern technology can give us the ability to continue our daily lives as best we can.

We here in Village Hall are reaching out to let you know that we are paying close attention to all of the updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the NYS and Nassau County Departments of Health officials concerning Coronavirus. At the same time, we are ensuring full compliance with the guidelines while maintaining a safe and secure environment for our employees and our partners.

Our Police and Fire Departments are working to maintain full services and provide the safety and security everyone deserves. Please remember, our Fire Department is made up of volunteers who are your neighbors and friends. In this time, we ask that you only call the Fire Department in times of emergency. If you are experiencing a non-life threatening event, please consider seeking medical attention and/or transportation to a health care facility through other means.

Our Public Works Department will continue to provide services. A hierarchy is being established putting services such as garbage and recycling collection in order of priority.

The Library is closed to the public but operating with a few staff members for you and your family to pick up materials. Simply call the Library and tell them what you need and they will have it ready for you to pick up at the Library entrance. You will not have personal contact with anyone of the few Library staff who are there.

Out of caution, the Village Recreation facility is closed until further notice.

Our Building Department and Village Hall remain available to you. We ask that you PLEASE use our website,, for forms and applications before coming into one of these buildings. If you have any questions please call 326-6300 and someone will help you. The Building Department is also closed to the public, but you can drop off and pick up items at the Building Department entrance without personal contact with Building Department staff as well.

Many of our Village staff, like many of you, are working remotely from home. Our staff is working to make certain that the necessary services needed by our residents are provided. We are doing our best to protect our staff from the virus, while minimizing the disruption to our operations. I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Village staff for doing their part to make sure our residents and businesses have what they need.

The Village recognizes the significant impact that the COVID-19 virus is having on global markets, the workforce, and, more importantly, our local businesses. I urge all of our residents to support our local businesses where possible. Please consider ordering take-out from one of our local restaurants. Maybe purchase a gift card from one of our businesses for future use or gift for someone else. Our businesses are always there for this community and, without question, this is the time we need to be there for them.

Floral Park and our neighbors are strong and resilient. Our families are together and supporting their neighbors and each other with love and care.

We are checking on neighbors, especially the elderly who may not be able to get out and get supplies for themselves.

We are supporting the many first responders and health care professionals in our community.

We are a community of faith and love and while we cannot get to our churches, they have come to us, reminding us that we are all in this together, with God looking out for us.

Together we will, as we always do in in our great community, overcome this Coronavirus challenge, because we will always be that strong, loving and caring place that is Floral Park.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we all work through this global crisis together.

Please continue to take care of yourselves, your families and each other and may you all stay in the best of health and safety during this time.

Dominick A. Longobardi


March 18, 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope all is well with you and your families. 

The events of recent weeks have rattled each of us in one way or another.  Daily lives have been changed and concern for the immediate future is high. All of this is justified. This virus and the work to stem the spread of it changes by the minute as we learn more ways to reach the goal of containing it.

The Village is always prepared for events like this. The Village staff also adapts quickly to changes in protocols as new information is released. As you are aware, new information is being released every moment. This is very different from a snowstorm or Super Storm Sandy scenario. This is a prolonged HEALTH EMERGENCY. The Village and other governmental jurisdictions do not have departments of health. We all take direction from the CDC, New York State Health Department and Nassau County Health Department. To that end, the Village Board, our departments and emergency staff will work closely with these agencies, the Governor’s office, our fellow elected officials, and agencies to ensure we are complying with directives to help stem the spread of this virus. Village facilities will have very limited access over the next few weeks.  However, the Village will continue to keep you informed as we get more information that directly affects you and your families. I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful Village staff, our emergency services and our all-volunteer Emergency Management Committee for the time and effort to ensure the safety and security of our families.

 In the meantime, please heed the directives of the CDC and the NYS and Nassau County Health Departments. The Village website and many other avenues of communication continue to update those directives. Please follow these directives. Continue to limit access to others for you and your family to only what is necessary for the next few weeks in order to help stem the spread of this virus and protect you and your families from contracting it.

In addition, let’s help our community as best we can. Floral Park is “The Best” when it comes to joining together during difficult and unsure times. Some ways we can all help are as follows. With the closure of our restaurants to “in person” seating, please consider “take out” to help them get through this time. While our houses of worship will be limited in accessibility right now, following your faith and helping those neighbors who may be limited in getting supplies and not able to get out are good ways to show the true good nature of each and every one of us. With schools and recreational activities cancelled and limited and many working from home, hopefully we can spend time together with our families doing projects or activities that will help to not only pass the time but bring us closer together.  

I have no doubt, as is the long history of the residents and businesses of this Great Village, that we will get through this historic event, and, as usual, come out a better community for it.

Please Stay Safe and Healthy,

Dominick A. Longobardi


As I am sure you are aware, the new coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. Perhaps the most effective thing we can do at this stage is to stay informed and follow the guidelines as to how to minimize the coronavirus’ spread. The following is a link to the information on this topic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)   or and the Nassau County Department of Health (DOH) You should frequently check back at these sites as the CDC and County DOH regularly update the information provided. In addition, the Nassau County DOH has established a Coronavirus Hotline: 516 227-9570

On the Village level, the Village’s Building Maintenance Department is periodically wiping down public counter surfaces with a disinfectant and hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at each of these locations. Additionally, the Building Maintenance Department and the Recreation Center staff are taking steps to keep the public areas of the Library and Recreation Center disinfected. Further, the Police and Fire Departments are following protocols derived from CDC guidelines.

Our Village Government will remain open for business taking every precaution feasible to protect our Village staff and residents using our facilities. In addition, if and when there are determinations made as to the cancelation of Village related meetings, events or activities, we will post notice of such cancellations here on the Village website (, on the Village’s Facebook Page and by email notification. If you are not already on the Village’s email notification list but wish to be added, please click here and follow the instructions to sign up.

I urge you to follow the precautions established by the CDC to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. I also urge you to please not panic. By following guidelines and respecting each other, we will all get through this together.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mayor Dominick A. Longobardi