Mayor’s Message Sept.28,2020–Covert Avenue Fire.

Hello Floral Park Friends,
As we enjoy the first beautiful days of autumn, we are all saddened by the serious fire that struck a block of our Covert Avenue businesses early Sunday morning, September 27th. Our Floral Park Fire Department valiantly fought this rapidly spreading fire with mutual aid from a large number of our neighboring departments. The Floral Park and Nassau County Police Departments played key roles in protecting the many pedestrians and drivers who converged on the Village. Our Building Department and Department of Public Works played major roles in checking the structural integrity of the businesses and guiding the clean-up process with the property owners. The Nassau County Fire Marshal’s staff was on the scene to survey the damages and determine the fire’s probable cause. Your Village Board of Trustees and I were there throughout the day to support our Covert Avenue businesses and nearby residents who were affected. Thanks to all including the Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce, fellow business people, and neighbors from near and far who came by to offer their love and support.
At day’s end on Sunday, sadly, it appeared that some of our businesses toward Beverly Avenue and the north end of the fire sustained severe damage and were destroyed. Those toward the south side and Marshall Avenue sustained lesser structural, water and smoke damage. Several families on Beverly also dealt with smoky conditions in their homes and were assisted by Village personnel.
To protect the safety of all, the Village immediately erected a high chain link fence around the perimeter of the entire block of businesses. The property owners boarded up those that were most severely damaged. At this time, all of the businesses between Marshall and Beverly remain closed as damage is assessed and the water, gas and electricity have been shut off in most or all of the businesses.
Other important follow-up includes ongoing clean-up by the property owners and consultation between the property owners, tenant business owners and the respective insurance companies. In the coming days and weeks, the causes of the fire will be determined as well as the future of the building structures, especially those most severely damaged and destroyed. We will keep you all posted and provide updates as information becomes available.
In the meantime, please continue to SHOP, DINE, AND TAKE OUT LOCAL to honor our local businesses. You can support those businesses that were affected by this devastating fire by checking out the GoFundMe posting on the Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce Facebook page, COVERT AVENUE STRONG! All contributions (including checks) will be welcome.
We wish all of our beloved Covert Avenue businesses well, and look forward to a speedy return to business in our Village for all of you affected by the fire. God Bless!