New Multi-Purpose Rink Set to Open at Recreation Center

The new Multi-Purpose Rink at the Recreation Center is substantially complete and the Village is ready to open it to the public. 

                 The original Multi-Purpose Rink was constructed in 1998 and has been the home of Floral Park’s Screaming Eagles Hockey League since then. In addition to roller hockey, the Multi-Purpose Rink has two basketball courts and is able to serve as “pickleball” courts as well. The new Multi-Purpose Rink was partly financed by the Village and partly financed by Community Benefit Funds which were made available to the Village through the Long Island Rail Road to offset some of the impacts of the Third Track Project.

                The Village is opening the new Multi-Purpose Rink to the public at this time even though there are some minor issues with the playing surface coating which is showing some “bubbling”. The Village has been investigating the issues with the contractor and coating manufacturer representatives to find a permanent solution. Since the bubbling will not cause any safety issues, the Village (at the suggestion of the contractor and manufacturer), has decided to allow play on the rink while monitoring the use which will assist in uncovering the cause. This will also give sufficient time to repair the surfacing when the weather is cooler and as recommended by the manufacturer of the surfacing materials. There may be a time in the relatively near future when the Village may have to shut down the Multi-Purpose Rink for a limited period to affect a permanent solution to this coating issue.

                 It should be noted that due to the Village not “accepting the full completion” of the rink from the contractor, use of the rink will need to be have supervision from the Village and hence it may only be open during prearranged scheduled uses.

                In the meantime, Floral Park Screaming Eagles Hockey registration will begin shortly for their first season in their new roller hockey rink. Registration information can be found at, or you can contact the Screaming Eagles at [email protected] or [email protected]. At this time we do not anticipate that there will be any disruption to the Screaming Eagles season.