Portrait Unveiling of President Raymond Stokely

                                                   Portrait unveiling of Raymond I. Stokely
                                                                    Monday, April 1, 2019
                                                                    Reorganization Night

                                           Former Mayor Ann Corbett and Dennis McEnery
                                           presents portrait of President Raymond I. Stokely

Mayor Longobardi introduced former Mayor Ann Corbett and President of the Historical Society
and Dennis McEnery, member of the Conservation Society and member of the Historical
Society, to unveil the portrait of Raymond I. Stokely who was President of Floral Park from
1921-1923. The title of president was changed to mayor in 1927. Dennis said that when he
attended the unveiling of the portrait for Former Mayor Thomas Tweedy, he was sad to see that
there was no portrait of Raymond Stokely and decided to see if he could find one. In the
process, Dennis found out that President Stokely was born in Ohio, attended Ohio State
University, married a woman named Grace, and was a patent inventor for Bell Labs. They
moved around the country a bit before they ended up in Floral Park. President Stokely was the
head of the Board of Trade, which is now known as the Chamber of Commerce.

Accomplishments during his tenure include the Board of Trustees going from two members to
four members and acquiring two bonds, each in the amount of $100,000 for road improvements.
This led in an increase in population of Floral Park from 1921 to 1931 from 2,000 people to
10,000 people. During his research, Dennis was able to find Ray Stokely’s grandson who lives
in Maryland and gave him the pictures of Ray.

Former Mayor Ann Corbett said that she researched the Floral Park archives for pictures of
former Presidents/Mayors of Floral Park but was never able to find one of Raymond Stokely.
About 15 years ago, with the help of Jim Green, Manager of Four Village Studio, Ann and Jim
framed and hung the first five pictures of Presidents/Mayors in the courtroom and left a blank
frame in honor of Raymond Stokely. Mayor Corbett said that thanks to Dennis, we now have a
picture of Raymond Stokely and how nice it is that we have the opportunity to do the unveiling
on such a wonderful night in front of so many of our Floral Park residents.

Mayor Longobardi thanked Former Mayor Ann Corbett, Dennis McEnery and the entire
Historical Society for all the time they give preserving our history.
04-01-2019 Reorganization Night Minutes