Representatives from the US Census Bureau in Floral Park

The Village was apprised that representatives from the US Census Bureau are in the Floral Park area going door-to-door (randomly) taking the American Housing Survey.

If you have received a letter requesting you to participate in the survey, a Census Bureau field representative will be contacting you to help complete the survey. He or she will always show you an official Census ID or provide you with his or her name and interviewer code to confirm employment with the Census Bureau.

To protect your privacy, the American Housing Survey NEVER asks for:

  • your Social Security number
  • your personal information via email
  • money or donations
  • credit card information

To verify that the phone call or visit is legitimate, please call your Census Bureau regional office at 212 584-3427 and give them the name and/or interviewer code. You can also find contact information for your region at

For additional information about the American Housing Survey click the link below.

American Housing Survey US Census Bureau