As you have probably witnessed, real construction for the 3rd Track work is about to start, first at South Tyson Avenue. As you know, the supporting structure for the 3rd Track at South Tyson Avenue will be between the Main Line and Hempstead Branches. A new bridge between the branch openings has to be constructed.

Phase 1 of the project will concentrate on the opening from the east side of Tulip Avenue to the west side of South Tyson Avenue.    18 parking spots under the railroad in that area and 4 west side South Tyson Avenue metered parking spots will be temporarily eliminated. The contractors have provided alternate parking at 50 Carnation Ave.     30 spots are available for anyone who has a Village under railroad parking permit. To use the spots at 50 Carnation, please enter off Lily Street. These spots are on a first come first served basis as is all parking under the railroad.

Two way traffic will be maintained on South Tyson Avenue. However, the lanes will not be as wide as prior to construction.

Also, the sidewalk on the west side of South Tyson Avenue will be closed to pedestrians. All pedestrians must utilize the sidewalk on the east side of South Tyson Avenue. Additional stop signs and signs directing vehicles to the Lily Street parking lot have been installed.

The Floral Park-Bellerose School District has been notified and they plan to send a letter to JLCS students and parents today.

Phase 1 is estimated to take approximately 4 months

We urge all  motorist and pedestrians to exercise caution when traversing the area during construction.

Please click on the following link for 3TC’s most recent “Six Week Look Ahead” 11-05-18 6 week look ahead