Gerard M. Bambrick
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The Village Administrator- Treasurer is both the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Fiscal Officer of the Village. In these roles, he also bears many other titles, including: Budget Officer, Tax Collector and Purchasing Agent. The Village Administrator coordinates the activities of all the Village Departments all the resources of village government to carry out the programs and policies of the Village board. As Budget Officer, he is responsible for the preparation and submission of the Tentative Budget to the Village Board for review and review prior to adoption. Once the Final Budget is adopted by the Village Board, he is responsible for the budget’s implementation. He provides the necessary information for open hearings and special meetings;  complies with state regulations and procedures for financial and related matters; prepares tentative budget figures, bills and collects taxes, coordinates buying through purchase orders, bids and contracts for equipment and services, and assists the residents in matters concerning our village such as parking permits, dog licenses and garage sale permits.

The Administrator is assisted by the Village Clerk and the Deputy Village Treasurer, both of whom are appointed by  the Mayor and Board of Trustees.


Susan Walsh
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The Village Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Board of Trustees and is appointed by the Mayor for a term of two years. The Village Clerk is also the Elections Officer and Registrar of Vital Statistics. Responsibility include scheduling public hearings for code updates, processing special use permits applications, franchise public hearing and posting legal notices. The Village Clerk is the custodian of birth and death certificates, records management, public records access officer, answers and assists constituents to resolve their concerns; manage insurance policies; issues licenses such as taxi cabs & drivers, dog licenses, landscaper permits, tow car business permits, film permits, parking permits, public facility use permits, and solicitation permits, to name a few


Kathleen M. Mack
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The Deputy Treasurer is responsible for the operation of the Village’s Accounting Department. This department is responsible for all banking transactions, property tax billing and collection, payroll processing and payment and recording of all of the Village’s accounts payable and accounts receivable.