Mayor Kevin Fitzgerald
Deputy Mayor Dr. Lynn Pombonyo
Trustee Frank Chiara
Trustee Jennifer Stewart
Trustee Michael Longobardi

The Mayor and four Trustees make up the governing board of our village. At the annual reorganization meeting, the Mayor assigns members of the Board of Trustees to act as Commissioners in charge of various departments. The members report on their department activities at each Board meeting. All matters of policy and procedure are acted upon by the Village Board.

The Village Board meets in regular public session twice each month (except during July and August) on the first and third Tuesdays, unless notice to the contrary is given. During July and August, the Village Board meets on the third Tuesday. These meetings are held in the Court Room on the 2nd floor of Village Hall at 8:00 pm for the transaction of village business and to provide a forum for residents to discuss any subject of interest. Changes in the regular meeting schedule and announcements for special meetings and hearings are publicized in the local newspaper.