Board Report 05/07/24

Police Department
Thanks to all who participated in our Police Department’s National Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 27th. Floral Park Lions Club President, Terry Whalen and her fellow Lions joined in and distributed informative Wellness literature and springtime flower and seed packets to all who took back their outdated and unused medications. In all, four large cartons were filled and returned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for proper disposal. FPPD reminds all that you don’t have to wait for Take Back Days to get rid of unwanted medications. You can return them to the FPPD lobby’s disposal box at any time.

Using $20,000 of $45,000 in funding from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, FPPD has purchased a new, smart Speed Alert Radar Message Sign. This sign displays the speed of each car as it passes the sign, typically causing drivers to take notice and adjust their speeds. Simultaneously, the device records the speed of each vehicle that passes, sending this data to the FPPD leadership, along with time and traffic volume data. It does not record license plates or identify vehicles. This data is monitored by FPPD and, when specific locations and periods of time report speeding or speeds that are greater than reasonable or prudent, directed patrols are assigned to those areas and summonses are issued in a data-driven manner. Thus far, the new sign has been used on Floral Blvd, Landau and Bryant Avenues, where speeding or driving at speeds that may be unsafe due to conditions has been reported. 

Other directed patrols are now assigned to Jericho Turnpike in response to problematic and unsafe double parking on that busy thoroughfare. When visiting businesses, even for quick stops, double parking interrupts the flow of traffic and can cause accidents. FPPD asks for everyone’s respect for our vehicle and traffic laws, other drivers and pedestrians.

Floral Park Conservation Society (FPCS)
The Gardens are open 12-5 PM daily for all to admire the blossoming flowers, bushes and trees.

Monthly community Weed Outs are held on the first Saturday of every month. The Gardens have been lovingly cared for by our dedicated Conservation Society volunteers; Troop Leader Ms. Katy Wong and her Boy Scouts from Troop 4; Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Diane Ventura and students from Floral Park Memorial and Sewanhaka High Schools; and expert FPCS volunteer and retired Assistant Principal Mr. Sal Trentacoste along with the Chaminade High School student groups.

And, for the third straight year, our Centennial Gardens and Bird Sanctuary has been nominated as the Best of Nassau County Public Garden. Let’s all vote for our Gardens to make it three years in a row. Vote at: Then click on Arts & Entertainment, scroll down to Public Garden, and find our Centennial Gardens. You may vote over and over again until May 24th. We know that our Centennial Gardens and Bird Sanctuary is The Best of Nassau County!

Chambers of Commerce and Our Businesses
Our Floral Park and Covert Avenue Chambers of Commerce meetings are bursting with energy and ideas. 

The Floral Park Chamber is focused on Friday evening, June 7th and the exciting Street Fair being planned along Tulip Avenue. The 2023 Street Fair, chaired by Bill Barry of Uptown Taco, was THE BEST. President Marie Grant, Chairman Bill, and our Floral Park Chamber businesses are inviting you all to come for a great time!

The Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce was also energized by the crowd at their recent meeting. Tonight, this Board approved the Covert Avenue Chamber’s October 5th daytime Street Fair, with a rain date of October 19th. Join President Rene Jorglewich and her Board, Cathy Grasman, Anne Musso and Nancy Millus for their big quarter-mile-long party!

All the Street Fair details to follow.

In the meantime, we are proud to announce that the Floral Park Chamber has been nominated as the Best Chamber of Commerce of Nassau County by Blank Slate Media/the Herald Courier newspaper. To win, our Floral Park Chamber needs your votes. Vote at: Then click on Services, scroll down to Chamber of Commerce and find our Floral Park Chamber. You may vote over and over again until May 24th. Let everyone in Nassau County know about our wonderful Floral Park Chamber of Commerce!

And are you enjoying the Spring? Then, you will enjoy it even more when you SHOP, DINE & CELEBRATE LOCAL in Floral Park and Stewart Manor for Mother’s Day! Wishing a BEST DAY to all the very special Moms in our lives!