Trustee & Deputy Mayor Lynn Pombonyo is the liaison to:
Hillcrest Civic Association
Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce 
Floral Park Chamber of Commerce
Conservation Advisory Council
Coalition of Resources for Education & Wellness Committee
Budget Committee (Entire Board)
Audit Committee (Entire Board)
Tree Committee (Entire Board)
Village Streetscape Advancement Committee (Entire Board)

Board Reports 6/21/22

Fire Department 

This evening, our Board approved the acquisition of a new fire engine through the issuance of bonds, the fire engine to be utilized by Reliance Company on the north side. The current engine and its equipment and technology are twenty-five years old. Many of the new truck’s features will focus on safety and more efficient fire fighting. The bid process will begin shortly, to be followed by moving the order for the new engine forward in July.

Training is an ongoing priority for our fire department and, by ongoing, we mean every week. The Department now has a unique opportunity, on the evening of June 22nd, to practice important skills that accompany effective fire fighting. Theater smoke (without fire) will be used in an empty, soon to be demolished house on Fuller Avenue for practice in ladder positioning, search and rescues for victims as well as fellow firefighters, escape from darkened, smoke-filled rooms and other. Thanks to all in the Fire Department, Village Hall and the homeowner for making this valuable training experience possible.

Our Fire Department says, “Let’s save lives,” and they do that in many ways. One way is the Department’s traditional Blood Drives. The next one is Friday, June 24th, 10am-8:30pm at Fire Department Headquarters. For information, you may email [email protected] . Let’s all save lives by donating blood!

Department of Public Works

Road projects are under way with the Spooner Street reconstruction beginning the last week of June and Marshall Avenue, in early to mid-July. 

Another forthcoming project will be National Grid’s Gas Main and Home Service Replacements. Starting around July 1st, this replacement work will be done on Carnation Avenue from Raff to Birch; Birch Street to Willow and all of Willow; Cypress Street from Raff to Floral Parkway; East Poplar; and Floral Parkway from Cypress to Oak Street. Notices will be going out to all affected residents. Questions may be referred to DPW at 516-326-6320.

Admire summer in Floral Park with the colorful hanging baskets of flowers that DPW has placed on Tulip and Covert Avenues and Jericho Turnpike and, when traveling on Jericho, you’ll see it’s now brightened by flower boxes in the medians.

On Plainfield Avenue, you can admire the large number of brand new trees that line the street. As they continue to grow and blossom, they’ll bring beauty to this busy street.

Conservation Society (FPCS)

Thanks to many including FPCS volunteer extraordinaire Ann Moynagh, president Dennis McEnery, dedicated FPCS and neighborhood volunteers, Superintendent Kurt Meyfohrt and the Parks Department, and the Department of Public Works for an amazing evening outdoors in the sunshine and flowery spectacle of Centennial Gardens. It was a great gathering of friends and a successful fundraiser for FPCS who uses these funds to maintain and enhance our gardens, especially all the unique flower beds.

Guests to our Gardens are reminded that you may not pick the flowers or remove any flowers, plants or bushes from the Gardens. Nor should you plant anything new in the Gardens without the formal approval of the FPCS leadership. We all share in keeping Centennial Gardens alive, vibrant and beautiful.

Chambers of Commerce and Our Businesses

Summertime means sunshine and daylight hours into the evening. Enjoy strolling through our Floral Park and Stewart Manor shopping districts to see all that our businesses have to offer. And it’s the perfect time to grab a bite at one of our inviting eateries. SHOP AND DINE LOCAL – INSIDE AND OUTDOORS this summer!

Our Graduates

The graduation season will come to an end this month. As our public elementary and high school students graduate this week, please honor them and all our private school and university graduates who have created their own futures and unique success stories. They have made us proud, and we congratulate them all!