Click here to be directed to the Building Department page for Permit and Licensing Application. Permits/License applications must be submitted to the Building Dept.

Please submit the following permits/license applications to Village Hall

Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot Application

Application and Freedom of Information Policy (Public Access to Records)

You Have A Right To See Public Records-Public Notice

Freedom of Information Policy (Public Access to Records)

Application for Public Access to Records

Birth Record/Death Record Instructions and Application

Birth Record Instructions

Birth Record Application

Death Record Application

Block Party Application

Block Party Application

Dog Licenses Application & Instructions

Dog License Instructions

Dog License Application

Film Permit Application

Film Permit

Click here to view Village Code

Garage Sale Regulations & Application

Garage Sale Regulations

Garage Sale Application

Landscaping Permits

Landscaper Permit

Non-Solicitation Requests & Solicitation Permit Applications

Non-Solicitation Request

Solicitation Permit Application

Click here to view Village Code

Parking Permits
(There is no guarantee of a spot)

Creedmoor Parking Field 24 hour Application
Creedmoor Parking Field Commercial 24 hr Application
Creedmoor Parking Field Commercial Changes for 2024
Creedmoor Parking Field Daytime Application (6:00 am – 8:00 pm)

LIRR Commuter Parking – Residents only
Overnight Parking Application – Residents Only

Merchant Parking Locations
Merchant Parking Only Application

NYS Disability Parking Permit -Applicant must be a Village Resident

Application for NYS Disability Parking

Sound Device Application

Sound Device Application

Use of Village Facilities

Use of Village Facilities application