Please submit the following permits/license applications to Village Hall

Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot Application

Application and Freedom of Information Policy (Public Access to Records)

You Have A Right To See Public Records-Public Notice 

Freedom of Information Policy (Public Access to Records)

Application for Public Access to Records

Block Party Application

Block Party Application 

Dog Licenses Application & Instructions

Dog License Instructions

Dog License Application

Film Permit Application 

Film Permit

Click here to view Village Code

Garage Sale Regulations & Application

Garage Sale Regulations

Garage Sale Application

Landscaping Permits


Non-Solicitation Requests & Solicitation Permit Applications 

Non-Solicitation Request

Solicitation Permit Application 

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Parking Permits
(There is no guarantee of a spot)

Creedmoor Parking Field 24 hour Application
Creedmoor Parking Field Commercial 24 hr Application
Creedmoor Parking Field Daytime Application (6:00 am – 8:00 pm)

LIRR Commuter Parking – Residents only

Merchant Parking Locations
Merchant Parking Only Application

Resident Overnight Parking Application

NYS  Disability Parking Permit -Applicant must be a Village Resident

Application for NYS Disability Parking

Use of Village Facilities 

Use of Village Facilities application

Please obtain and submit the following permits/license applications to the Building Dept.

Permit applications

Permit Fees
When Do I Need A Permit?
Guidelines for Finished Basements
Asbestos Facts & Responsibilities

Building Permit Application
Permit Renewal Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Mechanical Electrical (HVAC) Permit Application
Roof Permit Application
Pool & Spa Permit Application
Driveway Permit Application
Fence Permit Application

Sidewalk Permit Application
Dumpster Permit Application
Street Opening Permit Application

Architectural Review Board Application
Architectural Review Board Sign and Storefront Application
Vacant Building Registration Form

License applications

Electrician’s license
Contractor’s license
Plumbers license