2021 Recreation Pool Book


The Floral Park Recreation Center
Kurt W. Meyfohrt
Superintendent of Recreation

Dr. Lynn Pombonyo – Village Trustee Liaison

Recreation Center Park Hours are 8:00am to dusk weather permitting.

Recreation/Pool Building Office Hours Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

 The basketball courts have re-opened as of Monday March 15, 2021.
The following rules will apply to all wishing to use the courts:

VFP Resident Leisure pass required;
Limit to 10 players per full court;
3 on 3 (6 players) per half court;
Spectators waiting for court time must remain off the hard court and sidelines areas;
Spectators must wear a mask at all times and remain 6 feet apart;
Clean or sanitize your hands before and after games;
Players should avoid touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes;
The Recreation Center will not be lending out any equipment at this time;
Players should minimize equipment sharing, and clean and disinfect shared equipment between uses to reduce the risk of COVID-19;
Please avoid any nonessential visitors, spectators; and
All Village and Recreation rules and regulations apply.

Follow all CDC guidelines including:
Staying Home when Appropriate;
Maintaining Physical Distancing;
Wearing Masks; and
Washing and sanitizing hands.

Men’s Volleyball Schedule –  June 28 to August 9 (full schedule)
Women’s Volleyball Schedule –  June 29 to August 10 (full schedule)
Men’s Basketball Schedule – June 28 to August 4 (full schedule)

2020-2021 Leisure Pass Application

Important Telephone Numbers
Playground – 516-326-6334/6335
Pool – 516-326-6336/6337
Shelter House – 516-326-6334/6335

The Recreation Center has a wide variety of activities for children and adults and is open to all Incorporated Village of Floral Park residents.  If you need assistance, please call us at any of the numbers listed above.

The Recreation Center staff hopes that you enjoy your time utilizing the center and all of its many features.


Any photos taken by the Recreation Department may be used at the discretion of the Village.