The Floral Park Recreation Center

Kurt W. Meyfohrt
Superintendent of Recreation

Hours:  8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Click below for flyers for all Park Summer Programs
Park Youth Tennis
Park Morning Sports
Park Adult Volleyball.Basketball
Park Adult Tennis
Park Jazz . Aerobics

Important Telephone Numbers
Playground – 516-326-6334/6335
Pool – 516-326-6336/6337
Shelter House – 516-326-6334/6335

The Recreation Center has a wide variety of activities for children and adults and is open to all Incorporated Village of Floral Park residents.  If you need assistance, please call us at any of the numbers listed above.
The Recreation Center staff hopes that you enjoy your time utilizing the center and all of its many features.

Summer Recreation 2018



Any photos taken by the Recreation Department may be used at the discretion of the Village.