Department of Public Works
Kevin Ginnane, Superintendent
Joseph O’Grady, Deputy Superintendent
Kevin Pearsall, General Supervisor

Jennifer Stewart – Village Trustee Liaison

Telephone Numbers

The Department of Public Works is responsible to provide direct service to the residents of our Village. The Floral Park Department of Public Works encompasses the following divisions:

Highway Department – Kevin Roe

The Highway Department repairs and maintains the streets and parking lots which include sweeping and line striping, and in winter, sanding and plowing. This department cleans out storm basins and maintains a drainage system located in the sump. Other responsibilities include working to beautify the village’s green space by maintaining 33 various size parks.

Sanitation Department – Supervisor Joseph Karam

The Sanitation/Recycling Department does the curbside collections three times a week – two times for garbage; one time for recycling materials and one time for special pickups only during weeks absent of holidays. Each year, residents are mailed a sanitation schedule which provides a collection schedule for their respective areas with detailed information regarding disposal of tires, trash, hazardous materials, appliances and more. Feel free to contact us at 516-326-6320 or 326-6321 with any questions before you put anything out for collection at curbside. The Sanitation Department uses orange tags to notify residents when or if regulations are not followed.

Parks Department – Supervisor Larry DeCiantis

Floral Park has been designated a “Tree City” since 1993. The Tree Department maintains more than 6,000 trees. Village trees are recognized as valuable assets. They beautify our street, parks, and private property. They purify the air, provide shade in the summer and protect us during winter storms.

This department prunes, trims, plants, and removes diseased, hazardous or fallen trees.
Residents can request a tree planting or trimming by calling 516-326-6320.

Fleet Maintenance Department -James Nelson

This department maintains and repairs all public works, police and fire vehicles. The department’s use of a cost effective computerized preventive maintenance program extends the service life of village vehicles.

Building Maintenance Department – Supervisor Kevin Pearsall

This department maintains village buildings including Village Hall, all firehouses, Library, Recreation/Pool Building, and the Public Works and Building Department facilities on Stewart Street, and accessory Public Works facilities on Spooner Street and Mayflower Place.