Renee Marcus, AIA
Superintendent of Buildings

Michael F. Longobardi
Village Trustee Liaison

One Pool & Garage Road
GPS Location: 124 Stewart Street

Telephone: 516-326-6319
Fax: 516-326-2751
Email: [email protected]

Please submit all permits/license applications to the Building Department

Online permitting coming soon

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General Forms and Information

Asbestos Facts & Responsibilities
Complaint Form
Guidelines for Finished Basements
Guidelines for Pools
Homeowner as Contractor Waiver
Permit Fees – Updated as of June 3, 2024
Vacant Building Registration Form
When Do I Need A Permit?
Zoning Map

Permit Applications

Amended Permit Application
Building Permit Application
Business Registration Application – Use for New Businesses or Change in Business Information
Demolition Permit Application
Driveway/Walkway Permit ApplicationUse for Residential Driveways, Walkways, Stoops/Steps, Drainage & Retaining Walls
Electronic Filing Cover Sheet
Fence Permit Application
Mechanical Electrical Permit Application Use for Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Solar, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Commercial Electrical Service and Generators
Permit Renewal Application
Plumbing Permit Application – Use for General Plumbing, Gas and Oil
Pool & Spa Permit ApplicationUse for Above or Semi-Above Ground Pools, Spas or Temporary Pools
Sewer Permit Application
SignBusiness Sign, Awning and Storefront Application
SignReal Estate/For Sale Sign and Temporary Banner Permit Application
Roof Permit Application (Residential)
Waiver for Incomplete Application – Use for Projects That Require a Variance

Public Works Permit Applications

Dumpster and Container Permit Application
Sewer Permit Application

Sidewalk, Curb and Apron Permit Application
Street Opening Permit Application

Board Approval Applications

Architectural Review Board (click to be directed to ARB page)

Architectural Review Board – General Application
Architectural Review Board – Sign, Awning and Storefront Application
Architectural Review Board – Solar/Photovoltaic System Review
Architectural Review Board – Subdivision Application

Board of Zoning Appeals (click to be directed to BZA page)

Board of Zoning Appeals – General Variance Application
Board of Zoning Appeals – Fence, Special Exception Parking, and Generator Variance Application

Board of Trustees (click to be directed to BOT page)

Board of Trustees – Special Use Application

Contractor License Applications
2024 New and Renewal

Electrician’s License (thru 2024)
Contractor’s License (thru 2024) 
Plumber’s License (thru 2024) 

The Building Department is responsible for reviewing all plans submitted for alterations or new structures. The Building Department also issues permits and makes the required inspections during construction. This is done to assure compliance with New York State and local codes which leads to the issuance of certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance within the Village.

By law, obtaining permits for any structural change is a New York State requirement. Building Department inspections protect the owner(s) from inferior workmanship. Providing permits via inspection facilitates obtaining home equity loans, mortgages and, most importantly, easy resale negotiations. Be certain to call the Building Department at 516-326-6319 before you make any changes to your property.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees appoint the Building Superintendent. This officer serves as Liaison to the Architectural and Preliminary Site Plan Review Board (ARB). Certain alterations may require the approval of the ARB for aesthetic purposes before a building permit is able to be issued. Other construction issues may require a hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to obtain a variance from the Zoning Code before a permit can be issued. Code compliance is ensured via working with the residents.