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Parking Ticket Payments

The Village Justice is the only other elected position in the Village of Floral Park, besides the Village Board of Trustees. The Justice is elected at-large to a four-year term. The Board of Trustees annually appoints a local attorney as Associate Village Justice to serve in the absence of the Justice. The Village also has a Village Prosecutor and two Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys who prosecute all cases. The Clerk to the Village Justice and three full-time clerks handle all court dates, mail and fines received on summonses.

The Court has jurisdiction over all violations pertaining to the Vehicle & Traffic Law of the State of New York, Parking, Zoning, Code and Ordinances violations relevant to the Village Code of Floral Park.

Failure to answer a parking ticket may result in being classified a scofflaw, thereby resulting in the denial of “Renewal” of your registration.

For all defective meter complaints please call (516) 326-6320 with the meter number and location, upon receipt of the ticket.

Schedule of Fines & Court Procedure Instructions

Plea of Guilty By Mail