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The Deputy Assessor prepares an assessment roll which is used to establish each property owner’s fair share of village taxes. This is done by maintaining records of property ownership, tax exemptions, property values and physical inventory changes. Residents are encouraged to make inquiries regarding special tax exemptions that the Inc. Village of Floral Park has made available to senior citizens, veterans, Village volunteer firefighters and the physically challenged. The Floral Park assessment roll is independent and separate from the Nassau County roll and their assessment methods.

If you are a new property owner in the village or you are a property owner who has a mailing address change or a bank change, please contact the Assessment Department as soon as possible to update our records and direct future tax bills and correspondence to the correct address or bank.

Contact the Assessment Department at 326-6305 for additional information or questions you may have on any of these issues.

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Real Estate Tax 

Senior Tax Exemption Qualifications — Contact Assessor’s Office for Application 516-326-6305

Alternative Veterans Exemption Application and Instructions —
RP-458-A Instructions

RP-458-A Application

Renewal Application for Alternative Veterans Exemption with Disability — RP-458-A-Dis Application

Cold War Veterans Application and Instructions —

RP-458-B Instructions

RP-458-B Application

Alternative Veteran and Cold War Veteran Exemption Application and Instructions for Co-op Owners —

Alt Veteran & Cold War Veteran Exemption Coop Owner Instructions

Certification By Co-op Board Application

Volunteer Fire Department Member Exemption Application and Instructions —

Volunteer FD Exemption Instructions

Volunteer FD Member Exemption Application

Contesting Assessment in New York State —

RP-524 Instructions

RP-524 Application

Third Party Request for Tax Bill — Third Party Request for Tax Bill Application

Property Bank Change Information — Property-Bank Change Form

The STAR exemption is generated by the Town of Hempstead or the Town of North Hempstead and is applied to your School Tax only.

To qualify for the Basic STAR, you must own your home and it must be your primary residence. The total income of the owners and the owners spouses who primarily reside at the property must not exceed $500,000.

2019 changes to the STAR program:

-If your income is between $250,000 and $500,000 you must switch to the STAR Credit (a check from the Tax Department) to continue receiving a STAR benefit.

-If your income is $250,000 or less, you may continue receiving the STAR benefit in an exemption, which is a reduction in your School Tax bill or you may switch to the STAR Credit.

-New applicants may only apply for the STAR Credit program.

Please click on the link below for an explanation of the changes to the STAR program from New York State and to apply to the STAR Credit program.

To qualify for the Enhanced STAR all owners must be 65 years old (unless the owners are spouses or siblings, in which at least one owner must be 65). The income level is adjusted annually for inflation and applies to the combined incomes of all owners (residents and non-residents), and any owner’s spouse who resides at the property:

For 2021 benefits: $90,550 or less

For 2022 benefits: $92,000 or less

Please click on the link below if you are a new homeowner or wish to apply for the first time to the STAR program.


2024-2025 Final Assessment Roll 
2024-2025 Tentative Assessment Roll

2023-2024 Tax Roll 
2023-2024 Final Assessment Roll
2023-2024 Tentative Assessment Roll

2022-2023 Final Assessment

2022-2023 Tentative Assessment Roll

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