MTA Queens Bus Network Redesign Proposes Connection to Floral Park LIRR Station

As reported by Mayor Fitzgerald and Trustee Jennifer Stewart at the June 4th Village Board meeting, the Village was informed last week that the MTA recently proposed bringing a new New York City bus line, the Q110, into the Village with a stop at the Floral Park LIRR Station. Information from the MTA/LIRR on this recent proposal is sketchy at best. Pictures of the route show the bus turning south off of Jericho Turnpike onto Carnation Avenue, turning left onto Caroline Place, continuing to the LIRR Station, stopping along the station, and continuing back to Jericho Turnpike north along Tulip Avenue.  The traffic and other problems with this plan are clear. The MTA conveyed that they also have considered another, alternate route which would utilize South Tyson Avenue for the return route to Jericho Turnpike for the buses. The alternate proposal to use South Tyson Avenue is not included or reflected in this current plan. The Village has clearly informed the MTA that both proposals are unworkable and unacceptable to the Village.

The Village is vehemently opposed to this plan, and will use any and all resources at our disposal to fight it. The MTA has conveyed that if there is not community support for a proposal, it will not be included in the Final Plan.  We ask our residents to educate themselves on this proposal and we encourage you to provide comments and feedback to the MTA to help us have this proposal removed from the Final Plan.

Links to the proposed MTA Queens Bus Network Re-design Project is included below, as well as a link to the comment portal for this plan. We will continue to inform residents as information becomes available.

Please check the MTA Queens Bus Network Redesign Project at

Page 388 and 389 of the Final Plan gives more detail of the schedule and new route of the Q110.

And this is the link to the comments portal for the MTA Queens Bus Network Re-design Project: