Mayors Message-Centennial Gardens Opening Wednesday May 27th

Hello Friends and Neighbors, Thank you, Floral Park! After a uniquely amazing Memorial Day parade, patriotic salute to our veterans, and special moments to greet you all, we now look forward to another spring tradition in our Village. All of us in Floral Park are proud of our very own natural treasure, Centennial Gardens, a passive use community park. This … Read More

Interest Free Period for Payment of Village Property Taxes Extended

I am happy to notify you that Governor Cuomo has granted the Village of Floral Park’s request to extend the interest free period for the payment of Village property taxes by 21 days.  Under New York State law, the Village has no authority to extend the interest free payment period on its own; however, during “a state disaster emergency” a … Read More

COVID -19 Update – -Tennis Re-opening Saturday May 16, 2020

As you may have heard, as New York begins to phase in a re-opening of activities, one of the first recreational activities allowed to re-open is tennis. Of course, any re-opening is still subject to all guidelines regarding social distancing.                Beginning tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th, the Tennis Courts at the Recreation Center will re-open, subject to the regulations attached … Read More

Mayor’s Message 5-12-2020

Today, although the Court recognized the Village of Floral Park’s “legitimate concerns” with the scope of the Belmont Project and the Belmont Project’s impact on the Village’s residents, the Court determined that it may not “substitute its judgment “ for the judgment of the Empire State Development Corp. (ESD).                 Of course, we are disappointed with the Judge’s conclusion and … Read More

Village Board of Trustees, designated the New Hyde Park Herald Courier as an additional official newspaper.

In case you’re unaware, the official paper of Floral Park, The Gateway, has temporarily suspended all future publications until further notice due to the COVID19 pandemic crisis.  As a result of this action, the Village Board of Trustees, on April 21, 2020, designated the New Hyde Park Herald Courier as an additional official newspaper. This means you can now find Floral … Read More