07/16/24 Board Report 

Department of Public Works (DPW)

I would like to start this evening with an update regarding the WAWNC Water Main
Installation Project:
We were informed that the water main replacement project by the Water Authority of Western Nassau County (WAWNC) on those blocks bounded by Raff Avenue, Floral Parkway and Tulip Avenue is moving along on schedule. I want to clarify for the residents on those streets impacted by this project there will be phases to the installation. That is, if the WAWNC has trenched your street to install the new water
main and then moved on to trench the next street and install the water main there, they
will return to your street a few weeks later to do the residential connections of the water
service. Unfortunately, the WAWNC cannot do both phases of the project at the same
time because the water main installation work must be tested and the results sent to the
Nassau County Department of Health (NCDOH) for their review and approval. That
review by the NCDOH usually takes a few days. Once the WAWNC receives the
NCDOH approval of the water main installation, then the WAWNC and their contractor
will return to do the domestic water service connections to the residences. This
connection to the residences involves digging up a portion of the lawns in front of the
home up to the home’s property line. The Village is assured that there will be full
restoration by the WAWNC of any excavated portions of lawns. Also, as previously
reported, once the project is completed, the Village will undertake a curb-to-curb
repaving of the streets impacted by this work.

The Village also has a list of Road Projects which are scheduled to begin the 1st or 2nd
week of August:
• Cisney Ave (Covert Ave to Gilbert Ct), Orchid Ct, Kenneth Ct, Gilbert Ct
• Iris Ave, Violet Ave, Verbena Ave (Tulip Ave to Carnation Ave)
• West End National Grid Paving
• Holland Ave Parking Lot
• Library Parking Lot

Scheduled to begin in September 2024 are:
• Stewart St
• Terrace Ave

To be Determined for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 are:
• Water Authority Roads (Ash St to Aspen St)
• Floral Parkway

This past month, DPW has continued to sweep all Village roads as scheduled, repaired
pot holes, and addressed the issues on Village roads. DPW has cleaned up Covert Avenue
after the festive July 4th Parade, as always is maintaining all Village buildings and parks,
all while continuing to collect all sanitation. In addition to the previously listed tasks,
DPW prepared Memorial Park for the sounds of Andy Cooney and his band last night
and will help prepare for the sounds of Bon Journey Thursday, July 18th on the Library
Lawn and Bobby D’Amato sings Bobby this Friday, July 19th in Memorial Park. We hope to see you for one or both concerts, this is a great way to enjoy some music and the
company of the best people, our residents.

Cultural Arts

This leads me right into Cultural Arts; as I mentioned, we have a concert this Friday, July
19th, and three Fridays in August, including Hokis Pokis on August 9th, Elvis (performed
by Tommy Walker) on August 16th, and City Stars and Big Band on August 30th. All
concerts will be at Memorial Park at 7:30 PM. Please check the website, social media and
email blasts in case of inclement weather.
I would like to thank Village Administrator Gerry Bambrick and volunteer resident Alexa
Ventamiglia for all their work bringing these amazing talents to our community. I get to
speak to these bands from this platform, but they do the work behind the scenes.


As previously reported, the MTA has undertaken the Queens Bus Redesign Project which
aims to bring a NYC Transit Bus into our Village. I would like to thank the residents that
have already voiced their concerns using the public comment portal. Mayor Fitzgerald
and I will be speaking at the public hearing next week, Wednesday, July 24th. We
encourage all residents to log into the public comment portal and voice their concerns.
The public comment period ends Friday, July 26th at 8 PM. Links are provided in my
board report which is part of the Village email every Friday following a Board meeting.
Queens Bus Network Redesign Project:
Portal for public comments:
Registration for 7/24 Public Hearing:
Additionally, please check on your vulnerable family and friends during these days of
extreme heat, drink lots of water and enjoy!