Trustee Jennifer Stewart is the liaison to:
North End Civic Association
Council of Cultural Affairs
Budget Committee (Entire Board)
Audit Committee (Entire Board)
Tree Committee (Entire Board)
Village Streetscape Advancement Committee (Entire Board)

6/21/22 Board Reports 


The Village Board, along with Village Administrator Gerry Bambrick, continue to work to mitigate residents’ concerns regarding track work. We want the MTA/LIRR to be the best neighbors they can be.

Recreation Center

It feels like every board meeting I am saying that this is the best time at our Recreation Center. And that is certainly true at the start of the summer. Tennis tournaments are happening, in fact, general play happens around the clock with players lining up outside the Recreation Center just before 8AM daily, adult basketball and volleyball league play has begun, and the fields are busy with Little League play. In fact, a resident reached out to me on Friday and said, ‘The Park was alive last night, 3 Little League tournament games, volleyball on three courts, two basketball games, Floral Park at its best!”

Thursday night the annual Michael Davidson Little League Tournament kicked off and we were all happy to be present at the Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning. It was an honor to listen to the inspiring words of Mrs. Davidson and Michael’s brother Erick as they spoke about the valuable work they do for FDNY families facing adversity. Thanks to Karen and Gerard McCarren, tournament directors for a weekend well done!

Floral Park Pool

The pool has been busy thanks in part to the wonderful weather we have had to begin the season. Friday night saw more than 400 pre-teen residents turn out for the annual luau!! Big thanks to Pool Director Tom Dillon and Superintendent Kurt Meyfohrt as well as Gena King for all they did to bring this great event to our 11–15 year-olds. We are looking forward to other specialty days such as a senior citizens morning, a day at the pool for our fabulous local heroes, the FPFD, as well as family nights and other kids’ events. Monday, 6/27 the pool opens for its summer hours with all programs kicking off including swim team. If you have a chance, stop by the pool and cheer on our Pirates during one of their swim meets.