Board Reports


Building Department

Centennial Hall demolition is complete and is awaiting the county site plan approval. Once received, the developer is set to move forward starting the foundations. County approval is still pending for the Covert Avenue fire property. Foundation work will start approved. Taco Bell on Jericho Turnpike is complete and will open once staffing is finalized. The cleanup at the fire building at 266 Jericho Turnpike will continue a few more weeks. Structural assessment of the building will be done after that. No plans have been presented yet for the rebuild. Regarding the reports of no fire alarms or sprinklers that continue on News 12, the building predated those codes which were not required. These items will be addressed as required based on the proposed future build. The new multi-purpose rink is now open for use. There are some items to still address with the surfacing that will be performed in the spring.

Pool and Recreation

The fall activities and events are well underway. We have two football leagues. Titans Football started this past weekend and Youth Council Football will start in late October. Fall baseball, tennis and pickleball are up and running. The Soccer League is using our fields for practice during the week. Our new kickball league had a great response with 8 teams and over 900 people registered. The first games were played this past weekend. Screaming Eagles Hockey is back and will start the end of the month as they look forward to christening the new rink. We also have various local organizations and three senior activity programs using our facilities. In addition to sports, our recreation center will once again host the annual Liz’s Day on Saturday September 30th with a rain date of October 1st. Come out and enjoy a great day with family and friends, and help support research to find treatments and a cure for Breast Cancer. Our recreation center is very active in the fall offering something for everyone. Another reason Floral Park is a great place to live and raise a family.

Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC)

TVASNAC, the Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee in the Town of Hempstead held its September meeting here in Fire Fighters’ Hall on Monday September 18th. This meeting was attended by over 80 residents from Floral Park and neighboring communities. James Vilardi, Executive Director of TVASNAC, opened the meeting and turned it over to Floral Park Resident and committee member Andrew Weiss to run the meeting. He began with an explanation of what the committee is and is not and then presented several ideas and issues they are currently addressing with the FAA to improve our quality-of-life issues with respect to planes and air traffic. It is important to note this committee is made up of fellow residents to advocate on our behalf to the FAA to improve our quality-of-life issues. The meeting was then opened to the residents to discuss their issues and ideas. These ideas, while they may seem simple solutions, involve the FAA, a federal agency and the coordination among multiple agencies and our elected officials. This Committee brings these ideas to the federal agencies and advocates on behalf of our residents to hopefully get the FAA to implement them and improve the air noise issues and our quality of life. It is important that we as residents continue to file noise complaints with the FAA because the complaint numbers matter. You can go to the TVASNAC page on the Town of Hempstead website, scroll down and click the links to submit a complaint to FAA and Port Authority. You can also call the FAA noise complaint Line at 1-800-225-1071 or reach out to our elected officials at every level asking them to advocate as well. The committee meets the 4th Monday of the month. The next meeting will take place Monday October 23rd, 7PM at Cedarhurst Village Hall.