Board Report


Building Department

With several projects taking place in our Village here are some status updates:
• A permit for medical offices was recently approved for the second floor of 170
Tulip Avenue, which is the vacant building on Tulip and Plainfield Avenues.
Work is expected to start soon.
• The Tulip Avenue Walkway next to the Post Office is awaiting delivery of the
fencing material. The project is expected to be completed sometime in August.
• Construction continues at One Carnation Avenue and 266 Jericho Turnpike; both
projects are expected to take a year to complete from the start date.
• The plans for the restaurant at 99 Covert Avenue are currently in the code
compliance review process.
• The Covert Avenue fire property project is currently with the Bank and IDA for
final funding process. The hope is that it will close on the funding before the end
of the month.
As a reminder, all construction work that involves moving walls, windows or doors
requires a permit prior to starting the project to ensure compliance with the building
codes. Please check the Building Department website for a full list of requirements and
permit applications. There are currently over 35 applications available online. You are
welcome to call the Building Department to ask questions or obtain assistance for
permitting. For business, sidewalk signs of any kind are not permitted. No part of the
sidewalk is allowed to be obstructed. Signs are a safety hazard and our sidewalks are not
wide enough to accommodate them.

Pool and Recreation

We are in the middle of our third heat wave this summer making our pool a popular place
to be. We have already had 8 days of extended hours this year and we have not even
started the dog days of summer yet.
Wednesday, July 17th is rollback night with reduced prices on hamburgers, hot dogs and
more at D&J refreshments. Our next resident’s day is July 28th and next grandparent’s
day is August 4th. Both are great well attended days.
The swim team had its first swim meet last night against Mineola. Upcoming dates
include Monday, July 22nd with Stewart Manor, Thursday, July 25th with Mineola and
Monday, July 29th with Williston Park.
Congratulations to our Little League District 29 teams in 10U, Junior Baseball and 12U
softball. Each team advanced to the championship game in their respective division.
While they fell short, it is a great accomplishment making it to the final game.
Congratulations to the players and thank you to the coaches and the league for making it
Openings are still available for various summer programs and youth activities. These are
listed in the 2024 Pool Book online at the Village website. Please contact the pool
building for information and registration. Village of Floral Park Leisure passes are
required to use the recreation complex and to register for the programs.
As a quick reminder for everyone, for safety reasons no bikes are permitted in the park.

Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC)

A press conference was held in Floral Park on July 3rd with elected officials from Town
of Hempstead, Town of North Hempstead, NY State and Federal Offices to announce the
filing of a petition requesting the FAA perform a study and present alternative air routes.
The air traffic as we all know has increased considerably and we have low flying planes
over our homes on average every 90 seconds, creating a deafening noise and hazardous
air pollution. TVASNAC has been requesting this and other information for several
years with little to no response. TVASNAC has also asked for the raw noise data from
the Port Authority through a FOIL request which would show the actual noise levels and
issues. They have not received any information to date. The goal is to demand corrective
actions by creating alternate routes and make it bearable for all the residents. If they
receive no response to the petition in 90 days, their plan is to file a lawsuit against the
The next meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Monday July 22, 2024 at Town Hall, One
Washington Street in Hempstead. If you want to make a noise complaint regarding air
traffic, you can call 1-800-225-1071. You can also go to the Village website at which has the links under the TVASNAC Noise Complaint Contact
Information Page on our home page.

Village Emergency Management

Hurricane season is upon us and it is predicted to be an above-average season with 17-25
named storms expected. We have already seen a Category 3 hit the Texas coast. The
National Hurricane Center advises everyone to “Be Prepared – Get A Plan!”. Thankfully
our full-service Village has a Public Works Department that maintains our trees and
hundreds of drains and catch basins to limit the damage. We have the best trained Police
and Fire Departments ready to respond to any emergency. However, it does not stop
there. It is important for each resident to prepare in advance for heavy storms, wind and
rain damage and the possibility of periods without electric. It is recommended to have
supplies for at least three days and to prepare for special medical situations, if needed.
Local emergency numbers include 911 and 516-326-6400. Links to help prepare include and, as
well as FEMA and American Red Cross. It is never too soon to get ready and be