11/15/22 Board Report

Police Department

Tonight, Nov. 15, 2022, four police officers were sworn in, starting their career here in the Village of Floral Park. Showing support for their appointments by their presence at the swearing in were their proud families, friends and current members of the Police Department. The Mayor along with the entire Board of Trustee congratulated the new Officers, wishing them good luck and a safe career. The new Police Officers are James Incantalupo, Thomas Monahan, Michael Piccione and Rocco Sollecito.

As a reminder, with daylight saving time upon us days are getting shorter and nighttime is coming earlier, so please drive safely and keep an attentive eye out for our children and fellow residents who are traveling throughout our Village.  Consider wearing reflective clothing when running or walking during the absence of daylight.

At many of our Civics meetings we often hear that speeding, failure to stop at stop signs and other various traffic violations are problematic in many areas of the Village.  When enforcement occurs often some of the offenders are residents.  So once again, to avoid any unfortunate incidents, PLEASE obey the traffic regulations and drive safely.

Building Department

There presently are two construction projects underway. The first is the hockey/multi-purpose rink which has been demolished and is now getting prepared for reconstruction.  Expect to see cement trucks next week to start the rink structure.  The completion of this project will be early spring. The other project is the construction of a new library entrance ramp making it more handicap accessible. This has started with the removal of some landscaping and then will move into full construction next week.  During the construction the front entrance door will be closed.  All entry and exiting must take place via the back entrance door.   The completion of this project is also expected to be complete by early next spring.