3/22/23 Board Report

Congratulations to the Mayor (Kevin Fitzgerald), Trustee Lynn Pombonyo and Justice Doug Hayden on their re-election yesterday.  I look forward to continue serving with you. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote for us.

Police Department

Periodically, the Floral Park Police Department conducts truck safety inspections on trucks coming through our community. Our Police Officers, who are specially trained to perform these inspections, look for any safety violations that may prevent these vehicles from being safely driven on our streets. Last week, our Police Officers performed 14 inspections on trucks driving through.  A total of 47 summonses were issued, 6 trucks were placed out of service, 2 were towed, 1 was impounded and one driver was not allowed to continue to drive.

These safety inspections send a strong message throughout the truck driver community that the Floral Park Police Department will continue to perform these inspections. Any unsafe trucks will be addressed to ensure the safety of our residents. Thank you to Commissioner McAllister and his Officers for their continued efforts to keep our streets and community safe.

Building Department

Our Building Department continues to assist and monitor both major projects in the Village. The Covert Avenue Project has resubmitted the necessary paperwork to Nassau County and is waiting for approval to move forward. The Centennial Hall Project has submitted all their paperwork to the Building Department and is ready to submit the needed paperwork to Nassau County for approval. We are looking forward to both projects getting underway.