Trustee Frank Chiara is the liaison to:
Police Department
Building Department
West End Civic Association
Beautification Committee
New Resident Committee
Coalition of Resources for Education & Wellness Committee
Community Police Advisory Board
Budget Committee (Entire Board)
Audit Committee (Entire Board)
Tree Committee (Entire Board)
Village Streetscape Advancement Committee (Entire Board)

6/21/22 Board Report

Police Department 

On Saturday June 11th the Belmont Stakes Race ran at Belmont Racetrack. This event is always
shared and enjoyed by our community, especially the West End of the Village. This year, as in
years past, the Mayfair Gate in the West End was open for patrons to enter the track. Our Floral
Park Police were on duty to ensure the safety of our community while residents were enjoying
this event.

The Police did a great job moving the additional traffic from the crowds leaving the races. The
Police moved the traffic quickly and without incident through our streets. I would like to thank
DPW for putting out all the street barricades which assisted with the traffic flow. Our Police
reported issuing a minimal amount of summonses without encountering any major issues. There
was no arrest. It was a great day in the Village and the entire Police Dept. along with DPW did a
fantastic job!

Our Police have also initiated a safe measure program for our schools by conducting “random
school visits”. This initiation has our Officers, during many of their tours, make random stops at
the schools. The Officers enter the schools, walk the halls to show their presence and make note
of any safety concerns. The program has been well received by both the students and faculty.
Our Officers enjoy being in the schools. This initiative is in addition to our Officers having a
presence at schools during children drop off in the mornings and in the afternoon at schools’
dismissal. I would like to express my thanks to our Police Dept. for showing this special attention
to our most valuable treasure, our children. I’m sure it is much appreciated by all the parents and
our school faculty. THANK YOU!

Building Department

As a reminder, with the summer season upon us, all ductless split air conditioning units require a
permit from our Building Dept. Residents who have questions regarding these air conditioning
units or on any other building projects should contact the Building Dept. It is always advisable to
have any building project concerns or questions answered before starting any projects.
The ARB and BZA agendas along with supporting documents are posted on the Village website
on the Friday before each meeting. Email blasts are also being sent out with this information.
Both of these meetings can be attended by the public. As of this afternoon, there is no decision
from the BZA on the Centennial Hall project.