In 1979,  Recreation Trustee Frank Lauria and  Little League President Tom Hayden erected a memorial wall at the Recreation Center
to remember those who made outstanding contributions to the youth of Floral Park.
The names  placed here are of those who have dedicated endless time and effort to make Floral Park a great place to live and grow up.
Always placing the needs of  youth first, these members of our community have formed a lasting bond and memory to the youth and community they served.

Anthony Aliano

Charles Pellegrino

Daniel J. Kline

Charles E. Bosch

Kenneth E. Kramer

Edmund J. Mair

William F. Freely

Arthur Hunt

Frank Fuchs

William A. Wright

John F. Walsh

Bobby Regan

John M. Esposito

Ralph Amato

James J. Krug

Sean J. Brady