Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department

On Saturday, March 22nd, your Volunteer Fire Department had a busy afternoon due to several weather-related issues. At 2:46 PM they were alerted to an automatic alarm on Violet Ave. When finishing up there, at 3:17 PM the Hook & Ladder Company was alerted for Mutual Aid to Elmont for a working house fire. While returning from the structure fire, an Elmont resident ran out of their home and flagged down the Chief & H&L truck because their father was in cardiac arrest inside the home. Floral Park Firefighter Vinson Hartenfels initiated CPR until assisted by the Nassau County Police Ambulance bureau. Then at 4:23 the Hook & Ladder Company was alerted to a mutual aid in South Floral Park and at 4:42 the department was alerted to an automatic alarm with a heavy odor of smoke in a building on Jericho Turnpike in Floral Park. This alarm required aerial access to the roof of the building in the heavy rains and winds. All vehicles returned to their firehouses by 6PM and fortunately had no further alarms for the evening.  Resident wishing to join the volunteer fire department and feel the reward of giving back to their neighbors and community should email [email protected] or call 516-326-6328.