The Hook & Ladder Company


The Hook & Ladder Company was founded in 1893, the first of the Floral Park fire companies. The first firehouse was on Violet Avenue, now the location of a municipal park­ing field. The second floor of this hall served as a meeting place for Village activities for many years.

A second unit, Alert Engine Company, was formed in 1907, followed by Reliance Engine Company in 1910, and Active Hose and Engine Company in 1924. Each of these companies located in various areas of the Village are still housed in their original facilities. The last branch of the department was the Rescue Company, formed in 1930. Its much in demand ambulance service, begun in 1970, offers mod­ern lifesaving equipment and well-trained medical technicians.

Floral Park is fortunate to be served by a one hundred percent volunteer fire department.

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