Fire Safety Reminders

The Village is certain that we all have heard about the deadly fire this past Sunday in the Bronx. Despite the heroic efforts of the NYFD, 17 people died including 8 children. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and for the survivors.

The initial cause of the fire is known to be a faulty space heater and investigations are continuing to determine the reasons for the spread of toxic smoke.

We want to remind all of our residents to check and make sure that their Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are operational and that they have a meeting place for their families outside of the home in the event of a fire.

We all are extremely fortunate to have our highly trained and professional Floral Park Fire Department who respond to fire calls 24 hours a day. They will do their job upon arrival but the Chiefs and members of the FPFD want to remind our residents of what else they can do to prevent this from happening in our Village.

First, residents should make sure that fire hydrants are cleared from snow and ice by at least a 3 foot radius. Valuable time can be lost in stopping a fire if our volunteers have to take time in locating and then clearing a hydrant.

Second, if you are using a space heater, wood stove or fireplace, keep flammable material at least 3 feet away from them and never leave them unattended. As to space heaters, do not use extension cords, make sure that the heater is UL listed and has a knock over switch that shuts the heater down if knocked over.

Third, if a fire breaks out and you can escape, shut doors behind you as you leave. If you can’t escape, close doors and seal door openings with wet towels or clothes. 

Fire Prevention and Safety is not just limited to Fire Prevention Month in October. Hopefully, if we continue to take the above steps, we can help prevent tragedy in our Village.