Third Track LIRR Project UPDATED 12/14/18 – 3TC Soil Sample Results

The Village is in receipt of the environmental soil sampling results from the testing performed on behalf of 3TC, the contractors for the Third Track Project, and the MTA. The Village had these results reviewed by the Vertex Companies Inc. (Vertex), the engineers hired by the Village to review the work of 3TC during the Third Track Project.

Per the review of Vertex, although the soil sample results reflect that there are locations where soils had concentrations of certain contaminants above levels for unrestricted use, these levels should not be considered of significant concern to the public health of Village residents, provided the appropriate procedures for soil disturbance and soil removal are followed.

The Village Department of Public Works and Vertex will monitor 3TC’s activities and procedures regarding soil disturbance and removal.

Attached is a link to the soil sampling results that the Village received from 3TC. Environmental Soil Results.

Attached is a link to Vertex’s review of 3TC’s Environmental Soil Sample Results.

Third Track LIRR Project 
UPDATED 12/11/18

This week, the 3rd Track Contractors will be removing the trees next to the LIRR Right-of-Way on Terrace Avenue, starting at Plainfield Avenue and going East until the first house on the track side of Terrace Avenue.   The trees will be removed because when 3TC excavates along the LIRR Right-of-Way to prepare for installation of the base for the retaining wall, a large portion of the roots for these trees will be removed and these trees will then be unsafe. The Village had 3TC delay this work so that the Village’s arborist could perform a separate evaluation as to the necessity for removing these trees. Unfortunately, the Village’s arborist came to the same conclusion as 3TC’s arborist.

The good news is that  trees and landscaping will be replaced along Terrace Avenue as part of the 3rd Track Project.

Click the link for a copy of the correspondence delivered by 3TC’s Community Ambassador to the residents along Terrace Avenue. 3TC Letter to Residents 


Third Track LIRR Project UPDATED 12/6/18

The following link is the most recent “Six Week Look Ahead” from the contractors on the Third Track Project, 3TC.    12/6/18 6 week look ahead . The Village’s experience has been that this information is subject to change, but it is nonetheless useful to see what work 3TC considers to be on the horizon.

In addition to what is reflected on the attached Six Week Look Ahead, our current understanding of the relevant Third Track Project work schedule impacting Floral Park is as follows:

  • September, 2018 -Work to begin on South Tyson Viaduct. This work is currently expected to continue until April 2019 and then commence again in July 2019 for one month. This will result in a loss of a number of commuter parking spaces under the LIRR tracks during this period. 3TC has provided replacement parking at the former Men on the Move property (now the Storage Post) and the Village’s commuter parking permits will be honored and enforced there.


  • Late November, 2018– Installation of the retaining walls to begin along the Mainline. This work is currently expected to last approximately 11 months. During this same time frame, we are also advised that work will begin and end on the Linden Avenue Tunnel.


  • Fall 2018– Work to begin on Floral Park Station Elevators. The estimated elevator construction completion date is late 2019.


  • Preconstruction work begins November 2018, shutdown starts February, 2019– Work to begin on Covert Avenue grade crossing (Mainline only, not Hempstead Line grade crossing). Although this work will take place in New Hyde Park, it will certainly impact traffic flow in Floral Park. This work is currently expected to continue for 9 months (3 months of pre-construction, 6 months of shutdown). The portion of Covert Ave. to be shutdown will be North of Stewart Ave.


  • Fall 2019-Construction is slated to begin on the Plainfield Avenue underpass and continue for approximately 8 months.

The construction schedule has changed several times and is likely to change as this project moves forward. Consequently, please check for updates at the Village’s  website –                                   and at 3TC’s website:


UPDATED 9/13/18

There will be a public information session about the LIRR Third Track Project, including a presentation from the LIRR and Third Track Constructors (3TC), the design-build consortium that has the contract to perform the work.

The meeting will be held at the New Hyde Park Road School Auditorium located at 300 New Hyde Park Road tonight Thursday, September 13th at 7:30 pm.

UPDATE-Aug 9, 2018



Below is a link to the website set up by  3TC  for the LIRR Third Track Expansion project.


The obligations of the LIRR and contractors on the Third Track Project are set forth in the Memorandum of Understanding negotiated between the Village and the Lon Island Rail Road.

Memorandum of understanding

UPDATE-May 10, 2018

The letter below was sent to Village residences adjoining the Mainline by 3TC , The Third Track projects’ construction team. The information is useful for all residents so we are posting it here.



The Long Island Railroad is beginning preparations for the proposed Third Track Project.

Over the next few days, the contractors for the Third Track Project will be installing access gates at four locations on the LIRR Right-of-Way.

These locations are:

  • Roscoe/Fuller
  • Terrace Avenue, east of Plainfield
  • Hanover Street
  • North Street

After these access gates are installed and within the next few weeks, the contractors will begin “clearing and grubbing” (shrub and weed removal) along the Third Track Right- of- Way in preparation for the project.

Representatives from 3TC, the contractors chosen to perform the Third Track work, have assured us that they will be reaching out to all residents who may be impacted while this project moves forward.

The HOTLINE # for the Third Track Project that 3TC has established is (516) 203-4955.

You can also continue to check back here as we will post updates from 3TC and the LIRR as we receive them.



Please be advised that the LIRR soil boring tests will commence on March 28th and continue on the dates listed below.

Date Location(s)
Wednesday March 28 Atlantic Ave, east of South Tyson Av, north side
Thursday March 29 Atlantic Ave, east of South Tyson Av, north side AND Plainfield Ave at Terrance Ave, NE corner
Friday March 30 Plainfield Ave at Terrance Ave, NE corner
Saturday March 31 Caroline Place Angle Parking AND Commuter Parking under Viaduct, Stat 101+50
Monday April 2 Plainfield Ave at Terrance Ave, NE corner
Saturday April 7 Caroline Place Angle Parking

UPDATE-AS OF 9:00 PM ON MARCH 19, 2018

Please be advised that the test borings, referenced below. originally scheduled for March 20, 2018 have been rescheduled for THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2018.

UPDATE – MARCH 19, 2018

On Tuesday, March 20, soil borings for the LIRR Third Track Project will begin at the locations listed below.  There may be some traffic delays in these areas.

Location of Work

100 feet West of South Tyson Avenue
150 feet West of South Tyson Avenue
Northeast Corner Atlantic Avenue & Woodbine Court
300 feet West of Plainfield Avenue
Plainfield Avenue North of LIRR
Southeast Corner Plainfield Avenue & Terrace Avenue

UPDATE – MARCH 7, 2018

As you may be aware, the MTA awarded the contract for the construction of the Third Track Project to a joint venture of companies collectively called 3TC.

For the next several months, 3TC will be in the Pre-Construction Phase of the project.  During this time, you may see certain work crews from 3TC performing preparatory work prior to the commencement of certain elements of the construction project.  The first phases of actual construction portions of the project may begin as early as this coming Fall.

Over the last few weeks, the Village and 3TC, together with representatives of the LIRR have met to discuss the construction project.  3TC will be providing updates and advance notification of upcoming aspects of the construction related work.  The Village will be posting these notifications here on our website, in addition to any notifications residents may receive directly from 3TC.

So, please periodically refer back to this website for construction updates.

The first of these notifications from 3TC, relating to soil boring and survey work are set forth below.



Third Track Report–Survey worked scheduled  

Third Track Report– Test Borings Schedule 




The LIRR has released the Final Scoping Document for the Third Track Expansion Project.

The Final Scoping Document includes:

  • A description of the Proposed Project, including Purpose and Need
  • A preliminary identification of the Proposed Project’s potential significant adverse impacts to be
    studied and assessed in the Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
  • The methodology to be used and the data to be reviewed in assessing potential impacts in the
  • Alternatives to be considered
  • Potential mitigation measures to be considered
  • A summary of prominent issues raised during the public scoping process

Final Scoping Document (over 130 pages) – Hard copy available at the Library

In addition, below is a link to the raw public comments from the scoping sessions and a link to a map which shows the recently surveyed LIRR Right-of-Way (ROW).

Scoping Comments

ROW Map – Hard copy available at the Library