The Mayor’s Message – June 9, 2017

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Village Board, the Pool Committee and staff, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took the time to contact us or come to the Village Board meeting the other night to share your thoughts regarding our Pool. I also want to thank you for your help and caring that our Village and the things we enjoy are protected and cherished. This was clearly evident and very much appreciated.

Over the coming weeks and months, the Village Board will explore with the Pool membership and with the Village’s Pool Committee, whether there are membership pricing alternatives that can accommodate the requests and suggestions we have received. If any viable alternatives are developed, these alternatives will most likely not be available until next pool season, although there may be some minor modifications that we may be able to implement this season.

Similarly, the Village Board is reviewing options regarding whether to extend the early discount period. Consequently, if there is a change in this policy as to extending the early discount prices, the affected Pool members will be notified and the necessary adjustment made at that point. We will keep you informed as this process goes along.

Finally, as many stated that the issues were not so much that they did not want our neighbors from New Hyde Park joining us; we will continue to allow a limited number of applications from those residents served by the closed Clinton G. Martin Pool to join our Pool while theirs is being reconstructed.

As a reminder, questions and issues that arise may be brought to our attention through Village Hall at any time. All of us on the Board and our staff are eager to help and look forward to working with you to resolve these issues. I urge you to contact us in order that the proper and correct information may be given to you so that informed and educated decisions and discussions may take place. We have a wonderful community and the best families, business owners and residents we could ask for. We look forward to discussing these and other important issues that affect our Village in the weeks and months to come.