Aircraft Noise Complaint Contact Information

At a meeting of the Town Village Aircraft Safety Noise Abatement Committee held in the Village of Floral Park last Fall, TVASNAC members stressed the importance of reporting when residents believe air traffic has reached excessive levels in their community. Below are the numbers to report aircraft noise complaints by phone and by internet. The Port Authority tracks and monitors … Read More

Mayor’s Message April 15, 2019

COVERT AVENUE CLOSURE IN NEW HYDE PARK AND DETOUR PLAN The full closure of Covert Avenue (between 1st and 5th Avenues in New Hyde Park) had been pushed back a few times, but now it is in fact proceeding on Monday April 15th. Below is information from the Third Track Contractors (3TC) regarding the closure, including the Detour Route. Detour … Read More

UPDATE 3/29/19–Village of Floral Park calls for ESD to Restart Belmont Re-Development Project

On March 1, 2019, the Village of Floral Park submitted an extensive set of comments to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“DEIS”) relating to the New York Arena Partners’ (“NYAP”) proposal to develop portions of the Belmont Park property (the “Project”). Empire State Development (“ESD”) had established March 1st as the deadline for comments to the DEIS for the Project … Read More


The following is from 3TC and explains the Design-Builder Incentive Program, which is intended to provide a monetary incentive to 3TC to comply with 3TC’s commitments to the community, as set forth in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Village and the other contractual commitments to which 3TC is subject. This is the second Community Scorecard for the Third Track … Read More


March 26, 2019 The Friedman Group will be presenting their revised drawings for Centennial Hall at the Architectural Review Board Meeting on March 27, 2019  meeting starts at 7:45 pm at the Recreation Pool Building. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ January 2019 As  you may be aware, over the Summer the Village entered into a contract to sell Centennial Hall to the Friedman Group … Read More