Interest Free Period for Payment of Village Property Taxes Extended

I am happy to notify you that Governor Cuomo has granted the Village of Floral Park’s request to extend the interest free period for the payment of Village property taxes by 21 days.  Under New York State law, the Village has no authority to extend the interest free payment period on its own; however, during “a state disaster emergency” a village may request an extension of up to 21 days.   Today we were informed that our extension request was granted by the Governor.

Consequently, property owners now have until July 22, 2020 to pay your village real property taxes without incurring the state mandated penalty interest, as opposed to the July 1st deadline that was in effect until the Governor granted the Village’s request.

Additionally, to alleviate some of the stress on taxpayers, the Village Board passed a resolution on April 21, 2020 allowing for the payment of Village property taxes in two installments, for this year only.  While this does not affect the amount of village property tax you owe, hopefully it will be easier for some to pay in two installments, rather than one large lump sum payment.  The Village Board resolution cannot affect the late payment penalty rate or when the penalty accrues, but if you are having  difficulty coming up with the full tax payment by July 22nd, then the Board’s resolution will lessen how quickly the penalty interest on your tax payment will accrue, or eliminate the penalty altogether if you are able to make two, timely one-half payments. To avoid any penalty interest, you must pay at least one-half of your village property taxes by July 22, 2020 and then pay the balance of your village property taxes by December 31, 2020.   Of course, if you are able to make your full payment on or before July 1st, you still have that option.

                                                                                                                                 Dominick A. Longobardi Mayor