July 1, 2022 Mayor’s Message

Yesterday Governor Holchul signed Bill A10085/S8954 authorizing the Village of Floral Park to institute a residential parking permit program in certain areas of the Village which would be most impacted by the UBS Arena.  This will allow the Village to enhance parking regulations in these areas but allow residents who live on those designated blocks to park by permit. 
The rationale behind this Bill is to address some of the parking issues that the Village has experienced since the UBS Arena opened. Additionally, we seek to ensure that when the LIRR Elmont Station is opened in both directions that the patrons for the Arena do not use our residential streets to park.   As we do not know yet the precise impact the train service in both directions at the Elmont Station will have on us, our current intention is to not implement a residential parking permit program immediately but, rather, to design a program that can be put in place quickly.  Further information will be provided in the future.
Attached is a map of the area in which this new law now authorizes the Village to establish a residential parking permit program. Click here to view the map. 
I would like to thank Assemblywoman Solages, Senator Kaplan, their staffs, our Village Administrator Gerry Bambrick as well as the residents who spoke on this topic at the January 4, 2022 Board meeting, which was when this idea was introduced.


June 9, 2022 Mayor’s Message-Road Program Update

The Village’s Road Program continues and, as planned and mentioned at various times (at the Budget hearing, Budget Village Items, Board meetings, Civic Association meetings, etc.), we will soon be starting with the road reconstruction projects on Clayton Avenue, Spooner Street (and Spooner parking lot), Marshall Avenue (from Covert Avenue to Orchid Street) and Hinsdale Avenue (from Jericho Turnpike to Lowell Avenue).

                A total reconstruction of these roads, as opposed to a simpler resurfacing, has been deemed necessary by the engineering firms that we have hired.  Various factors are looked at to determine whether a total reconstruction or whether a resurfacing is appropriate for a particular road. One factor is the existing condition of the road. Some roads have deteriorated to the point that a simple resurfacing will not provide long-term improvements. Another factor is whether a reconstruction is necessary to enable proper water flow for drainage with a proper concrete curbing system which ensures that the road surface will stay intact.  

One consequence of the fact that a total reconstruction is required for these roads is that we unfortunately will have to take down a number of trees on these blocks.   We have confirmed which trees must come down on an individual tree by tree basis with our engineers on these projects as well as with our arborist. The reasons certain trees have to come down include that the tree encroaches into the road or that the tree’s root system is higher than the road surface. In these instances, that  tree’s roots will be damaged in the road reconstruction process and tha tree may pose a safety hazard to the public going forward.

As in the past we have held both group meetings and one-on-one meetings with residents on the affected blocks and will keep them informed as to the timing of various stages as the projects progress.

With regards to trees, the current Village Board as well as the previous Village Boards treasure our trees and only remove trees when absolutely required.  Along with replanting trees on the aforementioned roads, the Village this year,  as in years past,  will plant over 200 new trees throughout the Village and will continue to ensure that our annual budget has funding for such plantings each year.

We thank you and the residents on the affected blocks for your understanding as we try, as safely as possible using professional resources, to balance keeping our Village roads in a safe and drivable condition while minimizing the detriment to our tree canopy.

                                                                                                                Mayor Kevin M. Fitzgerald