The Mayor’s Message: November 12, 2019

Dear Fellow Residents,

With the assistance of the New York Islanders, the Village has obtained the following telephone number to be used to report issues, problems and complaints associated with the Belmont Redevelopment Project. This number is: 516-548-3118

This number has been issued for the above purpose and I urge all residents to please contact the number should you experience any issues so those in charge of the Belmont Construction and Project can address any and all issues you raise. It is important that the project team and the construction companies know of any and all issues quickly. Communication is very important as we hope that through the use of this number the issues raised will be positively and expeditiously addressed. In addition, I ask that you contact the Village via email at [email protected]and inform us of any calls made to the number and what the nature of those calls was. This will help us advocate on your behalf to get the proper resolution to your concerns.

Belmont Help Mail Card

Dominick A. Longobardi