The Mayor’s Message – August 8, 2016 – “Why & How”

WHY and HOW Why? And How?  Two very simple questions the answers to which should precede any major undertaking.  This is especially true when the proposed undertaking is a mega-project project that will cost billions and disrupt the lives of several communities for years to come. However, since the MTA/LIRR’s surprise announcement of their plans to resurrect the Third Track … Read More

The Mayor’s Message – July 22, 2016

Mayor's Message Image

Recently, LIRR President Pat Nowakowski issued a press release in which we were assured that the MTA-LIRR is listening and listening carefully.  President Nowakowski states that they are taking all our concerns and incorporating them into their next step, which is the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  He claims unprecedented community outreach has been achieved and that … Read More

The Mayor’s Message – June 15, 2016

Floral Park is the wrong place for bad guys.  That fact was again illustrated by the Floral Park Police Department whose rapid, professional response led to the capture of one of the more notorious criminals on Long Island.  Within minutes after a Floral Park resident called in a criminal trespass, FPPD had the felon contained and a perimeter established.  FPPD … Read More

The Mayor’s Message – April 8, 2016

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Last Wednesday night’s announcement gave rise to a new day and warm smiles.  It was true; the planned VLT Casino at Belmont Park was not to be.  Late negotiating by Jack Martins ended that possibility as OTB packs its bags and heads to Aqueduct.  Negotiating continues between Nassau County, and OTB over revenue and process.  Much has yet to be … Read More

The Mayor’s Message – January 27, 2016

Last Tuesday, January 12, was one of those magical moments in Floral Park.  The Floral Park Village Belmont Task Force is the manifestation of the best that is Floral Park: dedicated individuals who generously share their time and talents focused on one goal – simply – the betterment of the quality of life we all enjoy.  The Belmont Task Force’s … Read More