Interest Free Period for Payment of Village Property Taxes Extended

I am happy to notify you that Governor Cuomo has granted the Village of Floral Park’s request to extend the interest free period for the payment of Village property taxes by 21 days.  Under New York State law, the Village has no authority to extend the interest free payment period on its own; however, during “a state disaster emergency” a … Read More

Mayor’s Message 5-12-2020

Today, although the Court recognized the Village of Floral Park’s “legitimate concerns” with the scope of the Belmont Project and the Belmont Project’s impact on the Village’s residents, the Court determined that it may not “substitute its judgment “ for the judgment of the Empire State Development Corp. (ESD).                 Of course, we are disappointed with the Judge’s conclusion and … Read More

Mayor’s Message Regarding Coronavirus-Updated March 24, 2020

I hope this message finds you and your families well and safe. Needless to say, our daily lives have changed drastically over these past few weeks as a result of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”). As you are aware, we are dealing with an unprecedented health emergency that has taken control over the daily lives of every person in the world. Here, in … Read More

The Mayor’s Message: November 12, 2019

Dear Fellow Residents, With the assistance of the New York Islanders, the Village has obtained the following telephone number to be used to report issues, problems and complaints associated with the Belmont Redevelopment Project. This number is: 516-548-3118 This number has been issued for the above purpose and I urge all residents to please contact the number should you experience any … Read More

Mayor’s Message November 7, 2019

Belmont Update, November 7, 2019        Today Judge Roy Mahon issued a decision scheduling a return date of December 6th on the Village’s request for a limited preliminary injunction to prevent NYAP from continuing with any “irreversible” work pending the outcome of the Village’s Article 78 Action. However, Judge Mahon declined to grant the Village’s request for a … Read More

Mayor’s Message November 2, 2019

Dear Fellow Resident, As a response to the Village’s challenge under Article 78 to the development project at Belmont, the Empire State Development Corp (“ESD”) and New York Arena Partners (“NYAP”) filed papers with the court to request a dismissal of our challenge.  Mr. Michael Murphy, Esq., counsel for the Village at Beveridge & Diamond, was correctly quoted in Newsday as saying … Read More

Mayor’s Message September 22, 2019

Dear Friends, I want to take this opportunity to address a recent issue regarding the Belmont Redevelopment Plan and subsequent news articles that have appeared in many publications. Since the Village moved forward with the option to file an Article 78 Proceeding regarding the Belmont Redevelopment project, a number of news articles have taken liberty with events that have occurred … Read More

Mayor’s Message April 15, 2019

COVERT AVENUE CLOSURE IN NEW HYDE PARK AND DETOUR PLAN The full closure of Covert Avenue (between 1st and 5th Avenues in New Hyde Park) had been pushed back a few times, but now it is in fact proceeding on Monday April 15th. Below is information from the Third Track Contractors (3TC) regarding the closure, including the Detour Route. Detour … Read More

UPDATED Mayor’s Message 2/21/19 – Update on Belmont Park  – – ESD Delays FEIS to Respond to Record Number of Concerns

UPDATE February 21, 2019 Today, the Empire State Development Corp  (ESD) approved the extension of the contract of its environmental consultant so as to provide the ESD and its consultant time to respond to the overwhelming public comments that the ESD has received, which the ESD acknowledged was a record number of comments for any project it has ever had. The ESD also announced … Read More

Mayor’s Message-1/14/19

  Message from the Mayor                                             December 2018   Dominick A. Longobardi, Mayor             From December 2018 Village Items-for a full copy of December 2018 Village Items Click here           LOOKING BACK ~~ AND MOVING FORWARD During this time of year, it is common to look back on the past year (or years) and to also look forward and plan for the future.  … Read More